These tween girls’ Jewish-Muslim superhero costumes just saved Halloween

Jewish Muslim superheroes

Photo via Jeff Pearlman/Twitter


In a day of Halloween news about celebrities appropriating other cultures and a frat guy dressing to offend as many demographics as possible, boy, did our souls need some saving. Thank goodness for these “Juslim” superheroes. 

Thirteen-year-old best friends Casey, who is Jewish, and Yasmin, who is Muslim, decided to go as the “Juslims” superhero squad after coining the term during a conversation about what the two religions have in common. 

“Me and Yasmin both disagree with almost everything that [Trump’s] deciding to do,” Casey told BuzzFeed News. “That didn’t at first influence our costume idea. But when we realized it was standing up to what he believes in, that kind of made me really happy.” 

And because their school has a rule about religious costumes, their bright yellow “J M” T-shirts let everyone know, “Don’t worry, it’s not religious, it’s not offensive.” 

These girls know how to both inspire and keep the peace. 

H/T BuzzFeed News

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