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‘This happens every single time’: Jack in the Box customer says workers refuse to let him order because their ‘system is updating’

"They just chillin, getting paid for free."


Jack Alban


Posted on Feb 27, 2023

A Jack in the Box customer put one of the chain’s locations on blast for regularly undergoing “system updates” when he tries to place an order at the drive-thru.

TikToker Cody Samorano (@arizonatreasurehunt) says these updates, which temporarily prevent customers from purchasing food from the Arizona location, almost always occur whenever the same two people are working at the store.

Other users on the app chimed in by stating they’ve had similar encounters when attempting to order at specific hours from other Jack in the Box restaurants.

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Cody begins the video by speaking in a voice-over. “So as you guys know I live in Avondale and this happens every single time,” he says, filming the Jack in the Box employee over the loudspeaker. The worker asks Cody to bear with them as their system is currently updating, so they are unable to take his order..

“OK,” Cody replies. He then films two cars in the fast food establishment’s parking lot, adding via voice-over, “And it seems like this happens when these two cars are working all the time. How many updates do you guys need?”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Cody via email and Jack in the Box via Twitter DM for further comment.

It appears that the TikToker isn’t the only individual who has had issues with Jack in the Box system updates. One Yelp user posted a forum thread where they complained about a location experiencing system updates every single day at 4am whenever they attempted to make a purchase from their local Jack in the Box store.

Other folks on the app chimed in and said that they too were told the same thing by employees. “Yes it is absolutely ridiculous and it last way longer [than] 15 minutes, more like an hour,” one user wrote. “Some stores will offer cash sale but the one i was going to wouldn’t offer anything and they would do it at different times everyday. They would also leave the open sign on and give no warning they are closed because jack in the box claims [they’re] open 24 hours when there isn’t one jack in the box that is actually open 24 hours becuase of the update. I believe they should have to get rid of the 24-hour claim and close for [an] hour every day.”

Another user claimed that every single Jack in the Box location in California takes about 45 minutes to complete a system update. “It takes 45 minutes to complete the system update. It’s EVERY SINGLE JACK IN THE BOX in California. They all are networked,” they said. “So ALL Jack in the box restaurants are closed during the update. Sucks for me, it’s the ONLY restaurant open at 4am when I drive to work, so I can’t get breakfast there, I have to bring something when I work that early.”

Other TikTokers chimed in with their own experiences in ordering from Jack in the Box. One user stated that the system updates take place between 3:45-4:05am. “Only update is at 3:45-4:05 and even then they are suppose to take the orders manually I worked for jack for 7years,” they claimed.

Some speculated there was another reason for the employees’ inability to take Cody’s order at that time. “Someone is getting their system ‘updated’ for sure in there,” one user joked.

Another wrote, “They just chillin getting paid for free.”

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*First Published: Feb 27, 2023, 1:12 pm CST