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Statigram delivers your year on Instagram in just 15 seconds

Your filtered photos, filtered.


Beejoli Shah


The end of the year is nigh, which often signals a time for serious reflection: What did I do with this year? What can I accomplish in 2014? How many likes did that photo of my cat stuck in my parents’ banister actually get? 

Statigram, an app that you’ve likely seen in your Instagram feed over the past few days, may not help you unlock life’s larger mysteries, but it will turn your year’s best posts into a beautifully filtered video perfectly timed for you to share, where else, on Instagram.

The app, which was originally created as an Instagram metric tool to track most liked posts, follower growth, and other “advanced analytics,” has taken off in the last two days with its latest feature: A video of your best-performing Instagram posts. 

Hoping to capitalize on narcissistic Instagram users rushing to time capsule their best selfies before the ball drops tomorrow night, Statigram’s end of the year roundup is simple: a 15-second (Instagram timed!) video of a user’s five most-liked photos, softened by a blueish filter not currently offered on Instagram, and set to the soundtrack of delightfully calm elevator music. 

Using Statigram is free once you give Statigram permission to access your account, though the app warns it could take a few days to receive your video by email. (I got mine in a few minutes.) All they ask in return is for you to upload your video and tag it #memostatigram. Mine is below, though it should be noted that even after hours of posting, it’s currently earned a mere 3 percent of the likes my original photos did. 

While I couldn’t let myself go full-meta and add a filter on top of their already filtered video, we now live in a world of excess where an app will Instagram your Instagrams for you, so that you can Instagram them, again, yourself. Hear that? It’s the hoofbeats of four very not-so-far-off horsemen.

Photo by Simon Carr/Flickr

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