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Thomas Hopmans found a way to have both his bed and a big desk in his room.

With a room too small for both his bed and the large desk he needed, one guy had to resort to his design smarts. He stuffed the desk under his bed and created a pneumatic system to switch from one to the other.

Thomas Hopmans‘s Instagram video of the magic bed/desk caught fire after his sister’s boyfriend, Jshrad, posted it on Reddit. It hit the top of the r/videos section Sunday. 

“I like it, simple but elegant,” wrote etibbs. “He might want to add a safety latch though, if he hasn’t put one in already.”

“Million-dollar idea, especially for countries with tight living quarters like Japan,” enthused ohchristworld. “They’d eat that shit up.”

Hopmans later hopped into the thread, and explained the moving monitors were somewhat of a gimmick. He noted he could have simply fixed them to the underside of the bed, but would rather the screens were a little closer to him. Hopmans also said he took his inspiration from an similar unsuccessful Kickstarter project.

Many redditors claimed the Instagram video did not really do Hopmans’s project justice. He promised to make a more detailed video. 

Until then, we can take comfort in knowing someone out there has designed something a little more refined than a loft bed with a desk crammed underneath.

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