Man greenscreen TikTok pointing over instacart messages caption 'I just saw the donuts were refunded. If possible, kindly replace with the glaze donuts Thank you... Are you almost done? I have three other orders That's ridiculous' (l) Instacart logo on light pink background (c) man greenscreen TikTok caption 'Listen, I'm in the middle of cooking and in a few minutes sitting down for Sunday dinner. Listen, it's Sunday and I'm shopping for u. And ur being rude to me. Call instacart. Simple. End of story.' (r)

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‘Frozen stuff would easily have melted’: Customer learns Instacart worker is shopping for 3 customers at once, demands he cancel her order

‘They assigned me three orders because I’m assuming no other shoppers are taking the orders.’


Cecilia Lenzen


An Instacart shopper says a customer demanded that he cancel her order after she learned that he was completing three orders at once. He refused, because he didn’t know how.

In a viral TikTok video, the shopper (@maxkanner15) shared screenshots of his messages with the customer. In the video’s caption, he said he’s never had a customer act that way before.

In the video, Max says he was in the middle of completing three orders when the customer in question messages him asking for a substitute on her order. Then the customer adds, “Are you almost done?”

Max responds, “I have three orders I’m doing,” explaining why the order may take a bit longer.

@maxkanner15 Never had this experience working for instacart #instacart #instacartshopper #deliveryboy #badcustomer #rude #mustsee ♬ original sound – Maxkanner15

The customer then tells Max it’s “ridiculios” [ridiculous] that he’s shopping for other people at the same time and demands that he cancel her order. Max tells her to call Instacart because he doesn’t know how to cancel an order.

Ignoring Max’s suggestion, the shopper asked if he could deliver her order within the next 15 minutes. She questions how he can keep frozen and refrigerated items cool during the time it takes to shop for three people.

“They have a lot of nerve putting me with three other orders. Not your fault. If you cannot be here in 15 minutes, I MUST cancel,” the shopper’s message says. “I have a good idea, simply refund every item because I’m not calling.”

“Ask Instacart. They assigned me three orders because I’m assuming no other shoppers are taking the orders,” Max messages back. “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I’m the worker. So like I said call Instacart.”

The shopper adds that it’s common for Instacart shoppers to be shopping for more than one customer at a time. The customer snaps back that she’s not calling Instacart and once again demands that Max refund any items left. Max say he doesn’t think he can do that and repeats that she needs to call.

“Listen I’m in the middle of cooking and in a few minutes sitting down for Sunday dinner,” the customer says.

Max replies, “Listen, it’s Sunday and I’m shopping for you. And ur being rude to me. Call Instacart. Simple. End of story.”

After the screenshots, Max shares a brief video clip of when he delivered the grocery items to the customer. She tells him it’s not his fault but says she’s never had this happen before. Max tells her he hasn’t either.

Viewers’ opinions were divided on the incident. Some commenters said the customer could have avoided the wait time if she had simply gone shopping herself.

“Bright idea: go to the grocery store yourself if such in a rush,” one viewer commented.

“‘Are u almost done?’ OMG GO URSELF THEN!” a second viewer commented.

A third said, “She was literally wasting your time by continuing to message you.”

Some users sided with Max, saying the shopper’s reaction was unreasonable.

“15 minutes? Stuff is fine for up to an hour if need be. I know people that live in the country and the store is an hour away and their food is fine,” one user said.

“It literally doesn’t affect the person receiving groceries. If he didn’t tell her he was doing orders she wouldn’t have noticed,” another user commented.

However, several viewers took the shopper’s side, agreeing that it was “ridiculous” for Max to handle that many orders at once.

“She did not handle that correctly at all but it is ridiculous that they gave you three orders frozen stuff would easily have melted,” one person wrote.

Another said, “I do kind of agree that they shouldn’t allow you to pick up a whole bunch of orders at once. How do you keep everything frozen for multiple stops?”

The Daily Dot reached out to user @maxkanner15 via TikTok comment and to Instacart via email.

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