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These guys spent 3 months on a domino setup—now watch them destroy it

The best part? You get to skip the cleanup.


Miles Klee


You might fancy yourself a pretty expert hand at domino setups—if you haven’t seen this astounding four-minute montage from domino masters Milliondollarboy and Hevesh5, that is.

In a “screenlinked” sequence of tricks filmed both in the U.S. and Germany, the pair topple some 25,000 tiles arranged over the course of three months. The execution is flawless. It’s a work of art.

Forget about the usual rows and curves of single-file dominos: These two are more interested in destroying entire cities, introducing foreign elements like playing cards and rolls of tape, and creating intricate mosaics as the wreckage falls into place. If they weren’t currently killing it on YouTube, they might be industrial engineers.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it looks—check out a companion blooper reel in which nothing goes as planned below. When you think of how much patience and destructive glee must coexist in the domino artist, your own contradictions don’t seem so extreme.   

The only quibble we have with the final video is the choice of soundtrack. Consider one obvious alternative:

Photo via Hevesh5/YouTube

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