Christian creator accused of stealing Black singer's song and reworking it

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‘That song didn’t need you to fix it’: Christian creator called out for changing lyrics to Iniko’s viral song ‘Jericho’ (updated)

A Christian TikTok creator claims she was called by the 'holy spirit' to change the lyrics of a Black singer's song.


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Posted on Oct 6, 2023   Updated on Oct 12, 2023, 2:03 pm CDT

The singer Iniko released an a capella version of their song “Jericho” in March, and since then it’s gone viral on TikTok, and been used in more than 77,000 videos.

Iniko, who has more than 4.2 million followers on TikTok, ended up on a lot of users’ FYP this summer, as “Jericho” got remixes, covers, and an official music video.


Jericho A capella. Performing this live on 3/29 in NYC ! Im wearing white to honor the ancestors. You should too so we can match 😁🤍 Tix are on sale now ! also selling meet n greet tix and merch 🥹

♬ Jericho A capella – Iniko

The creator Wendolyn Rose (@wroseworship), who has more than 16,000 followers, is one of the people who apparently kept seeing the song on her FYP.

On Sept. 1, Rose, a singer-songwriter, posted a full “lyrical remake” of “Jericho” with her own Christian lyrics. She wrote in the caption that “Music is one of the sneakiest, easiest, and most powerful ways for satan to decieve [sic] us into opening ourselves up to him and make agreements with him.”

@wroseworship Original song "JERICHO" by @Iniko Lyrical remake by WROSE WORSHIP Listen to someone who learned this the hard way- Music is one of the sneakiest, easiest, and most powerful ways for satan to decieve us into opening ourselves up to him and make agreements with him. Do not be fooled and compromised into adding a song to your playlist just because you "like the beat"! As born again belivers we get to use discernemnt with the help of the Holy Spirit to detect when songs carry messages that are at emnity against our IDENTITY in Christ and the truth of His Kingdom! These lyrics are inspired by my own testimony and the truth of our soon coming King Jesus 🙏👑 #music #inikojericho #christiantiktok #worshipsong #remakechallenge #truth #deception #identity #delivered #setfree #spiritualwarfare #wakeup #newage #demonic ♬ original sound – WROSE WORSHIP

Over the month of September, Rose was called out for taking a Black nonbinary performer’s song, changing the meaning of the lyrics, and then insinuating Iniko is demonic. In another clip of Rose speaking to the “church community,” she claims she couldn’t stop listening to “Jericho” and had to cover the song because “this is Lucifer” and he’s “singing to a generation.”

“thank you, I am now a huge fan of Iniko,” said one commenter. “make your own song with your own beat.”

The clip was widely duetted, as people pointed out how predictable it is that a white Christian would co-opt and diminish a Black person’s art, and change the personal meaning to match their own brand. Something similar happened this summer with Flyana Boss’ viral hit “You Wish,” which was held up by white Christians as Satanic but then reworded to fit their message.

“Y’all don’t get to sit up here and tell us we’re demons,” said @blacksweeets.

@blacksweeets #inikojericho #demonized #christian #whitewoman #antagonist ♬ original sound – BreadFruitGal
@esther_beauty_essentials #duet with @WROSE WORSHIP #jericho this really is Christianity at its core #blackspiritualtiktok #blackwomen #blackwomenontiktok #blackspirituality #africanspirituality #ytwomenytwomening ♬ original sound – WROSE WORSHIP
@theconsciouslee We’ve seen this story before.. #iniko #inikojericho #sweetbabyjesus ♬ original sound – The Conscious Lee

In a TikTok posted this week, Rose again defended her choice, saying that she knew she had to cover “Jericho” because “this is a strategic song from the enemy.” Predictably, she claims that she was called by the “holy spirit” to remake the song.

But people also called her out for potentially making money off this “lyrical remake,” without the artist’s consent. Iniko is currently signed to Columbia Records.

In one viral stitch, creator @cwhaticanc pointed out that Rose said she would reach out to Iniko if she received any monetization for the song, and then pointed out a few comments where it seems like Rose is planning to release her own version.

@cwhaticanc Colonizers gonna colonize, I guess #appropriation #canwenot #iniko #gentrification #jericho #fyp #thief ♬ original sound – cwhaticanc

We reached out to Rose via TikTok DM and Iniko via email for comment.

Update 12:46pm CT, Oct. 11: On Wednesday, Iniko’s management posted a statement to TikTok saying that it’s “aware that a wayward white person has locked her fangs into” the song and made statements “rooted in white religious hatred for Black cultural art.”

Iniko’s team asked people not to tag Iniko “in the work of our oppressors when responding to these anti-Black claims,” out of respect for the singer’s mental health.

Update 1:59pm CT, Oct. 12: In an email to the Daily Dot, @wroseworship, whose real name is Wendy Cooper, said she does not harbor judgment against Iniko.

“I think [they are] an incredibly gifted, talented and hardworking artist,” Cooper said, “and most importantly, just like all of us, made in God’s image.”

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*First Published: Oct 6, 2023, 12:17 pm CDT