in-n-out ceramic hamburger mug, two images show a stitched tiktok video of a speaker that chipotle employees received for Christmas


‘They spoil us’: In-N-Out worker says company gave employees a hamburger mug for Christmas

'The gifts get worse every year.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Dec 26, 2022

Earlier this week, a user on TikTok went viral after sharing the Christmas gift they received from their employer, Chipotle. The gift was a Bluetooth speaker covered in Chipotle branding.

Now, other users are going similarly viral after sharing their own holiday gifts from their employers. One such case is TikToker Chris (@soon2bdilf), who shared his present from In-N-Out for an audience of 241,000 viewers.

In the video, Chris demonstrates the gift: a mug in the shape of a cheeseburger. The top of the mug, which looks like the top part of a bun, is removable, and the bottom of the mug features the In-N-Out logo.

“They spoil us [smiling face with hearts emoji],” wrote Chris in the caption.

@soon2bdilf #duet with @amiannah_martinez they spoil us 🥰 #chipotleislife #innout#fyp ♬ omg I love chipotle by roy murray – Chipotle

Chris isn’t the only one to share his In-N-Out gift with the Internet. On Reddit, a thread posted to /r/InNOut shows the burger mug from a different angle, with many users in comments expressing their thoughts on the present.

Opinions of the mug across platforms were mixed. Some loved the present.

“I will buy this from anyone who doesn’t want theirs,” wrote a user on Reddit. “I absolutely love this.”

“that’s a dope mug ngl,” added a TikToker.

“I will forever cherish my in n out mug,” claimed an additional TikTok user.

However, others were less enthusiastic about the gift.

“The gifts get worse every year,” stated a user on Reddit. “Just give me a target gift card or something at this point.”

“i still don’t know what imma do with my burger cup,” shared a TikToker.

Many compared this gift with In-N-Out gifts from previous years. These gifts included some warmly received presents, such as a chess set, and some that were met with much less fanfare. An infamous example of a perceived bad gift from In-N-Out is the year when the company allegedly gave out AirPods cases.

“One year they got us each an in n out airpod case, a lot of my coworkers didn’t have AirPods,” recalled a TikToker.

“this is still better then the airpod case they gave,” said a Redditor of the burger mug.

The Daily Dot reached out to In-N-Out via its website’s contact form and Chris via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Dec 26, 2022, 8:51 am CST