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#IfTwitterWereAMan sounds like a nightmare

There’d be even more dick pics than there are already.


Jaya Saxena


What would Twitter be like if it were a man? That’s the hypothetical question being posed in a trending hashtag this morning, and it’s resulting in, well, a lot of jokes at men’s expense. It’s OK, they can handle it.

Started by @firstandmonday, who host the Hashtag Roundup app, #IfTwitterWereAMan contains a lot of stereotypical jokes (men don’t like asking for directions!) and things that don’t even make sense (really? You’d marry Twitter?). But a lot of the jokes are poking fun at the inequalities between men and women.

In a lot of ways, this isn’t even a hypothetical. Twitter has a long history of not paying attention to the abuse of its women users, who endure harassing and threatening tweets. And how else do you explain all the dick pics?

That settles it, Twitter is already a man. 

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