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‘Hurt Bae’ and her cheating ex-boyfriend have Twitter in tears

Get your tissues ready.


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Posted on Feb 16, 2017   Updated on May 24, 2021, 11:56 pm CDT

Confronting a cheater is an agonizing, unbearable pain, but watching someone confront someone else who cheated on them is a different sensation of discomfort and catharsis altogether. That is something Twitter has suddenly learned all too well.

On Thursday night the Twittersphere went in on a video of a woman named Kourtney confronting her ex-boyfriend Leonard about their past as a couple, and, more specifically, why he cheated on her when they were together. 

“Broken,” a nearly-seven-minute video produced by Condé Nast Entertainment’s video conglomerate the Scene, opens with Kourtney asking Leonard, “what did you do?” 

“I did everything,” he replies.

“Like what?” she asks again.

“I had sex with other girls. I did everything,” Leonard clarifies. And that’s just the beginning.

A day after video went live on Twitter, viewers began tweeting responses with the hashtag #HurtBae, a clear allusion to Kourtney, who teared up throughout the video, and even left once after asking Leonard how many times he cheated. His response? He didn’t know, and he wasn’t keeping count.

Some responses were rooted in empathy—Kourtney said she forgave Leonard because he was her best friend, a difficult decision that many people who have been cheated on can understand and have probably warred with themselves.

Others went all in on Leonard, who seemed to show little remorse for his actions despite vocally apologizing. He even asked Kourtney, if she had such little trust in him and wanted to snoop through his things, why didn’t she just leave—like hold it right there, man! IF YOU DIDN’T WANT TO BE IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP, WHY DIDN’T YOU??

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And some saw #HurtBae as a cautionary tale of someone who should have learned to let go.

The video ended on Kourtney hanging her head while Leonard looked at her, feigning emotion. Supposedly the two live in different states and still talk. However, there’s an amazing silver lining—Kourtney is now with someone else, and someone who, by her word, treats her the way she deserves.

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Though she may have accidentally, accidentally tweeted out his Twitter handle. (Sorry to those of you who wanted to attack Leonard—his account is understandably private.)

Kourtney did not immediately respond to an interview inquiry.

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*First Published: Feb 16, 2017, 2:16 am CST