Hinge date uses lipstick to write warning on woman's toilet seat

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‘He didn’t think that people clean their toilets’: Hinge date uses lipstick to write warning on woman’s toilet seat

'These comments make me never want to go on another date again.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Sep 5, 2023

A woman on TikTok was horrified to discover that her Hinge date used her lipstick to write a warning to other men on her toilet seat.

Luna Ray, 23, recently shared in a TikTok video explaining she invited her Hinge match over to her house to get to know each other before going out to a bar with her friends. Before her friends even showed up, the unidentified man had already rubbed her the wrong way.

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She claims that he shared vulgar details about his love life, including how he recently went to France and was propositioned for a threesome by two girls.

To spare his feelings, she made up a story about not being over her ex-boyfriend and asked him to leave. That’s when the man asked to use her bathroom. 

She didn’t know that he had written a note in lipstick until the next day when her roommate’s boyfriend lifted the toilet seat and noticed the note.

The lipstick note said, “She is effing her ex, run,” and included the man’s phone number. Ray claims that the jilted man disguised his unsanitary actions in the hopes that Ray would use the lipstick.

“He put the cap back on and put it by the sink, hoping I would use it again,” Ray says.

Ray’s viral video, which by Tuesday had been viewed more than 5.8 million times, shows her scrubbing the lipstick stain from the toilet seat. (The Daily Dot reached out to Ray via TikTok comment.)


he also wrote “she is effing her ex” because i tried to spare his feelings by telling him i wasn’t over my ex boyfriend :)

♬ original sound – Luna Ray 🌙

“Kicked out a hinge date within 15 minutes of meeting him because of bad vibes and he asked to use the bathroom before leaving AND USED MY LIPSTICK TO WRITE ALL OVER THE SEAT,” she writes.

The reactions in the comments were mixed. Initially, many women were relieved that the man showed his true colors early on. 

“At least he proved her right immediately,” a woman shared. “Count yourself lucky always trust ur spidey sense,” another commented.

Other comments were from men who took the date’s side. 

“Honestly iconic of him,” one wrote. “My man was looking out for the next guy,” commented another.

“Why did he hear about your ex within 15 minutes,” a third observed. 

These comments were seen as a red flag to other women. “Dude i’m never speaking to a man again after this comment section,” one person wrote.

“These comments make me never want to go on another date again,” another added.

“‘I wanna hear his side’ he got rejected and his ego was bruised,” a third pointed out. 

Since the note in lipstick was written on a part of the toilet that men typically use, many couldn’t believe the date assumed that Ray wouldn’t eventually clean her toilet. 

“The worst thing is that he doesn’t expect you to lift the toilet seat……WE CLEAN,” she wrote.

“The scariest part is he didn’t think that people clean their toilets….” another commented.

Ray’s video also served as a reminder to not invite dates home right away.

“NEVER have a 1st date at your or his place,” one person commented. “That’s the real issue.”

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*First Published: Sep 5, 2023, 2:43 pm CDT