Meet the woman behind the viral, hijab-wearing Barbie

Hijab-wearing girls around the world may soon be able to own a Barbie that looks just like them—all thanks to one young Nigerian woman.

“I realized there was not a Barbie wearing a hijab or dressed in modest clothing, so I decided to make one and start documenting it,” 24-year-old Haneefah Adam told the Daily Dot.

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Just a few weeks after Mattel gave its Barbie lineup a real-world makeover, an Instagram account, Hijarbie, started getting buzz. The page features different Barbies wearing hijabs and fashionable Muslim attire. Serving as a style guide to young Muslim women, the page offers modest looks that meet chic standards. Adam said it’s important to have more options beyond blonde and brunette.

“It’s more about a sense of identity and to have an option. I wanted to allow more for girls with my cultural roots,” she said.

She started the page two months ago and even had purchase requests on her very first post. Today she has more than 39,000 followers from all around the world and is preparing to open up a storefront. Adam labels herself as a “creator” and already has her own blog full of fashion advice, DIY projects, and recipes. She said Hijarbie has already gotten more attention than any of her other work.

Photo via hijarbie/Instagram

Nia Wesley

Nia Wesley

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