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‘Once these hotels catch on they’re going to stop serving’: Trucker shares a hack for free complementary breakfast at Hampton Inn

‘It’s the walk of confidence that got them.’


Natasha Dubash


In a viral video, a trucker on TikTok shares a hack to get a free breakfast—simply by walking into a hotel.

TikToker Darius Brunson (@_truckerdee), a truck driver from Miami, FL, posted a video on Sept. 7 which shows him helping himself to a hotel’s complimentary breakfast buffet, even though he wasn’t a paying guest at the hotel. As of Sept. 8, the video has been viewed more than 457,000 times.

In the clip, Darius walks into the front door of a Hampton Inn and Suites and confidently makes his way to the breakfast area. He then proceeds to load up his plate with scrambled eggs, sausages, potatoes, and even a freshly made waffle. 

@_truckerdee It’s cool when they do it 😂😂😂 #truckerdee #trucker #trucksoftiktok #truckdriver ♬ Back End – Finesse2tymes

Darius admits that he was sure someone from the hotel’s staff was about to ask him what room he was staying in. But according to users in the comment section who used to work in the hospitality industry, there was little chance of that happening.

“I used to [work] at a hotel and I promise I couldn’t care less who went over there to eat lol they didn’t pay me enough for me to monitor that and do my job,” one viewer wrote.

“It’s the walk of confidence that got them,” another said, to which Darius responded with several laughing emojis saying, “Maya Had to act the part.”

Many users were amused by Darius’s antics, especially at the fact that he prayed over his food before eating it. “The audacity to pray for a stolen meal,” one user joked.

However, others in the comments are worried that making the hack public knowledge on TikTok will make it more difficult for them to pull off their own breakfast scams. “Y’all gone make these hotels be way more strict with this lol,” one commenter claimed.

Another concerned user said, “Once these hotels catch on they’re going to stop serving free breakfast. Don’t ruin it for everyone mannnn.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Darius for comment via email and Instagram DM.

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