matching grandparents

Photo via Anthony Gargiula / Twitter Remix by Max Fleishman

Love is about compromise.

When teens show up to the mall wearing matching “Bae” and “Owner of Bae” shirts, that’s not so cute. But when you’re bold enough to be married 52 years and wake everyday eager to dress in coordinating colors and polos, then that’s downright adorable. 

Anthony Gargiula, 17, recently tweeted that his grandparents have been doing just that, wearing matching outfits every day for a year, and the internet has gone wild with awwww’s. 

The tweet has been liked more than 80,000 times in the past three days. Gargiula told BuzzFeed that his grandparents started coordinating for square dancing classes and church. The one time they weren’t in matching ensembles, they were asked about it so much, they decided to make it an everyday thing. 

They even had their matching reds on when Gargiula told them they’d gone viral. 

Let their agreed-upon color choices be an inspiration to us all. 

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