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‘I just had to say this sh*t real f*cking quick’: Foot Locker greeter issues PSA to customers

‘If I greet you, you look me dead in my face and walk away bro…’


Natasha Dubash


A Foot Locker worker is calling out rude customers who simply ignore him when they’re greeted at the store. 

TiKToker Ki (@ki.times) expressed his frustration at impolite customers who come to the store in a video that received over 348,000 views since being posted.

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“I just had to say this shit real fucking quick,” Ki says as he sets down his camera.

“You see I work retail, right? So I gotta greet the customers every time they come in,” Ki says while standing in front of boxes of shoes and gesturing to the signature white-and-black stripped Foot Locker uniform he’s wearing. 

“If I greet you, you look me dead in my face and walk away bro,” Ki says before seemingly pretending to punch the imaginary rude customer who ignores him in this scenario. 

It’s one thing when customers are flat-out rude to a retail worker but to ignore them completely as they say hello is just plain unacceptable, according to the TikToker. It’s a simple message and one that resonated with the viewers who expressed their solidarity with Ki in the comments section. 

“Seriously why is it so hard for people to be polite,” one person asked.

“Nah fr like keep that same energy when you ask if we got these in size 8,” another said, referring to rude customers who would ignore a worker and then need to ask a question soon after.

One person suggested that “everyone should work retail at least two years,” so customers would be less likely to be rude to a retail worker and ignore them as it, “humbles you heavy.” 

However, a few people pushed back against greeting culture. “We do NOT want to be greeted!! Tell your manager,” read one comment. “Sorry I’m shy and awkward,” said another, standing up for introverted customers. 

However, the majority of the video’s comments ignored Ki’s complaints about rude customers and were of people joking about the fact that the Foot Locker worker looked so much like professional basketball player, Lonzo Ball, who is currently recovering from a knee injury. 

“Bro I’m curious how many people be thinking lonzo ball work at footlocker,” asked one person. Ki made a response video saying that he hears it “like 3, 4, 5 times a day.”

“Bro suppose to be letting his knees heel…he got a job at footlocker smh,” said another viewer. “Lonzo chill they ain’t worth it,” joked a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ki via Instagram direct message.

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