woman with mask on at Five Guys restaurant laughing with hand on forehead caption 'Y'all be lying on here I asked that lady for a grilled cheese burger she said that don't exist' (l) Five Guys sign on building (c) Five Guys restaurant interior with workers caption 'Y'all be lying on here I asked that lady for a grilled cheese burger she said that don't exist' (r)

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‘Y’all be lying on here’: Customer says she tried the ‘Five Guys grilled cheese cheeseburger’ hack. It didn’t work

‘The embarrassment I know you felt.’


Alexandra Samuels


A TikToker claims that she recently made a futile attempt to order an off-menu grilled cheese sandwich item at Five Guys.

The sandwich—known as the grilled cheese cheeseburger hack—combines the chain’s grilled cheese sandwich with its burger, culminating in a “grilled cheese cheeseburger.”

Since the sandwich went viral, several users have posted videos of themselves ordering it. But TikToker @tajahsrevenge says she wasn’t able to participate in the trend. “Y’all be lying on here. I asked that lady for a grilled cheese burger,” reads the text overlay on her video. “She said that don’t exist.” 

@tajahsrevenge Never again bro 😭😭 #fyp #fiveguys ♬ original sound – Zack holland

In the video, viewers can briefly see a snippet of tajahsrevenge’s receipt. In the end, it appears she ordered a small fry, a bacon burger, and a soda for over $20. 

The grilled cheese cheeseburger recently went viral on TikTok. The way to order it is by ordering a grilled cheese and adding a patty. Several “hacks” that’ve gone viral on TikTok have either sparked a wave of new orders or prompted restaurants to crack down on selling off-menu items. 

Still, several commenters were adamant that the chain still sold the burger. They insisted that tajahsrevenge simply placed her order incorrectly.

The top comment on her video, with over 500 likes, reads: “You should’ve said add patty to the grilled cheese.”

To this comment, tajahsrevenge replied: “Bro why they ain’t tell me that.”

Other users similarly gave the TikToker advice on how to properly order the sandwich.

“I work there and had this yesterday,” wrote one commenter. “Ask for a grilled cheese, add a patty and whatever toppings you want on it.”

It’s also possible, though, that the employee didn’t want to make the sandwich—a reality that many users acknowledged could be true. 

“I feel like she knew what you meant though…,” reads one comment.

“She just didn’t want to make it lol,” says another user. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to tajahsrevenge via TikTok and Five Guys via Instagram direct message for more information.

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