Apartment's bathroom ceiling ceiling falls through

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‘Free sunroof installation’: Apartment’s bathroom ceiling crumbles onto toilet

'That'll be $1,600.'


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Sep 14, 2023

If you thought your home maintenance issues were a hassle, this apartment’s cracked and falling bathroom ceiling is next level.

In a TikTok posted Wednesday, @sophsapira shows her bathroom ceiling collapsing onto her toilet.

“Never living in a pre war ever again,” she wrote in her video’s caption.

Pre-war architecture are buildings built between 1900 and World War II, or the late 1930s. These types of buildings are particularly prevalent in New York City, where @sophsapira says she lives.

On Thursday, @sophsapira’s video had almost 185,000 views on TikTok.

@sophsapira never living in a pre war ever again 😭😭 #nyc #nycinfluencer #nycapartment #nycapartmenttour #citygirlaesthetic ♬ original sound – Miss thing

@sophsapira isn’t the only one sharing her apartment woes on TikTok: Over the last year, many New York tenants showed their less-than-ideal living situations and lamented that despite their apartment’s obvious issues, their rents increased.

One commenter mentioned the city’s high rents in @sophsapira’s video’s comments section.

“That’ll be $1,600,” they wrote.

Another joked about how an opportunistic landlord might spin the hole.

“Free sunroof installation,” the commenter wrote.

Others commiserated with @sophsapira and shared their apartment maintenance and landlord experiences.

“That happened at my old apartment during a blizzard,” a commenter shared. “And the landlord wouldn’t fix it til the snow water started flooding into other apartments.”

“This happened to my best friend and he had to come live [with] me for a month,” another wrote. “Common NYC experience.”

“My [Chicago] landlord couldn’t find a leak for THREE WEEKS,” another commenter said. “Whenever someone above showered I’d get their dirty bath water in my bathroom thru the vent fan.”

And, of course, other commenters encouraged @sophsapira to sue her landlord for the safety risk that her falling ceiling caused.

The TikToker has been able to make light of her awful situation, though.

Casey Niestat, a YouTuber and filmmaker, posted a video of himself stepping on a cracked part of a New York City sidewalk. The rubble falls away to reveal what looks to be a subterranean boiler room.

So, @sophsapira stitched Neistat’s video and made it look like the sidewalk was connected to her bathroom ceiling. When he puts pressure on the concrete and it begins to fall, viewers see the aftermath of @sophsapira’s ceiling falling in.

“Thank you Casey,” she wrote in her follow-up TikTok.

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*First Published: Sep 14, 2023, 5:37 pm CDT