Epidemic of “Facebook facelifts” hits India

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There are 60 million social media users in India, and quite a few of them think their profile pictures aren’t up to par. To fix this, they’re ignoring quick fixes like Photoshop and cosmetics and are going straight to the source: Flesh and bones.

A fascinating video from news startup Vocativ details how thousands of Indians are going under the knife—or laser beam—to carve their faces into the most perfect Facebook forms.

“If I don’t look good on Facebook, how will I make contacts?” one woman says. It’s an epidemic of “Facebook facelifts,” one that seems particularly strong in India because of social network’s popularity there as a online dating platform. That’s why Photoshop is simply not enough, one woman suggests. “If you don’t look the same as in your photo, then it’s sort of fake, isn’t it?”

Photo via Vocativ/YouTube

Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris

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