Scottish photographer makes your favorite emoji out of food

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Depending on whom you ask, emoji can be anything from a casual way to keep in touch with friends, an artistic medium all their own, or even a universal human language. For Scottish photographer Heather Adamson, emoji are the source material and inspiration for her photographs. She recreates your favorite emoji out of food, photographs them, and puts them on Instagram.

Adamson sculpts food into the beloved smartphone glyphs that have become a second language online. The next time you really want to get your message across, don’t send an emoji; send an Instagram photo of the emoji made out food.

You can see all of Adamson’s edible emoji creations by checking out the #EmojiOatmealChronicles hashtag (though not all of the food items are oatmeal).

Happy Easter! 🐣 #emojioatmealchronicles

A photo posted by 🍃Fresh Heather: Heather+Hannah (@fresheather) on

Adamson’s website has plenty more food photos and videos, emoji and otherwise.

H/T Daily Mail | Photo via Heather Adamson/Instagram

Dylan Love

Dylan Love

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