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This girl had the ultimate bounce-back from a breakup after getting on Tinder

Everyone is lining up to go skydiving with this Tinder teen.


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After her boyfriend suddenly broke up with her, 19-year-old Emma Vowell turned to Tinder, like most young people may do—but not for the reasons you may think.

Vowell, a sophomore at Purdue University in Indiana, said her boyfriend broke up with her after she had bought a pair of skydiving tickets above the Chicago skyline as a surprise birthday gift. Rather than letting the November-expiring tickets go to waste, she advertised the tickets on her Tinder bio. Vowell said her ex was devastated when he found out she had bought the tickets but she wasn’t going to take him.

In her Tinder bio, she said said she was “deadass” only looking for a guy to go skydiving with her, and was not interested in hooking up.

Shortly after posting her ad to Tinder, Vowell began receiving messages and even resumes from guys who were interested in her offer.

One of the contenders—who is also a student at Purdue University—Austin Bates, sent a professional resume and an entire cover letter to the newly single sophomore.

“Dear Ms. Emma, I recently saw your advertisement on the dating application Tinder, and am very interested in filling the position you had listed,” Bates said in the cover letter.

He said he could be the attractive guy she was looking for to go skydiving with, and nothing other than that. Bates said although he has plans to skydive in Hawaii next year, he would rather not wait so long to experience the thrill.

As far as compensation goes, Bates listed a number of benefits he could give to Vowell—and not the typical Tinder benefits you may be thinking.

“I would be willing to drive you to class, exams, [and] bars for a week of your choosing in my doorless Jeep,” Bates said. “I also live with a one-year-old German shepherd-husky mix, that I will let you pet, walk with, or send you pictures of any time your heart desires.”

Bates concluded by saying he could also offer free 1-on-1 personal fitness training and cover the costs of food, lodging, and gas.



Vowell posted the “application” on Twitter saying Bates was the most dedicated guy to ever to ever “shoot his shot” and asked whether or not she should take him skydiving. This post received a lot of mix feelings about whether or not Bates should be “hired” for the position.

Some were impressed by his effort and thought he deserved to be her skydive date.




Others were less impressed by the quality of his resume.


Then there were the ones who had some strong critiques for the resume, but thought he deserved an A for effort.


After her tweets about Bates went viral, other applicants began sending their resumes her way. One guy from Virginia even found her on LinkedIn to send his application.


In the end, it was Bates who impressed Vowell the most and earned the position of being her skydiving date. Some of her Twitter followers were deeply involved with the application process and happy to see Bates chosen.


Even Tinder agreed that Bates was the perfect choice—and offered her a job.

Vowell and Bates plan to skydive across the skyline of the Windy City on Oct. 28.

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