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‘You didn’t have to sit here and lie to me’: Woman confronts apartment doorman who ate her UberEats order

‘Why did you eat my food?’


Lauren Castro


In a video surmounting 1.5 million views, TikToker Vertell Davis (@vertelldavis) shared a TikTok of her confronting her apartment complex’s doorman for eating a slice of her pizza. 

“I pay 3k a month to live in a luxury building only to have my doorman eat my Uber Eats,” the caption reads. 

@vertelldavis I Pay 3k A Month To Live in A Luxury Building Only To Have My Doorman Eat My Uber Eats 😡 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #relatable #luxurybuilding #nyc #onlyinthebronx #disrespectful #unbelievable #shaderroom ♬ original sound – Vertell

Davis, who stayed calm throughout the video, asked the man why a slice of her pizza was missing. Eventually, she found out he was the one who ate the slice from her Uber Eats order.

“Why did you eat my food?” she asks the doorman in the clip. The man, whose responses are hard to make out, said something about not knowing it was her food and that it was past a “certain time.”

“I’m pretty sure this could probably get you fired. I’m not even gonna lie,” she says. “I’m not going to say anything but like, that’s fucked up because I’m deadass hungry.”

She explains that she had gone to the gym and came down afterward to pick up her food. The doorman had acted as if he didn’t know where her food was, Davis says, but ended up retrieving the pizza box from the back.

The TikToker says she should have him CashApp her for compensation after saying he can just have the other slice as well. 

“Honestly, it’s okay. Honestly, because you might have been hungrier than I was for you to eat somebody else’s food. That’s crazy for me. You didn’t have to sit here and lie to me,” she continues.

“Oh my f*cking God bro…,” she said, ending the video. “Like the f*ck?!?”

In the comments, users shared their opinions on the situation.

“You gave him one too many benefit of the doubts I’m my opinion,” one user said.

“It’s giving ‘i’m not mad i’m just disappointed,’” another commented.

“You better than me cause I would’ve been down to that leasing office immediately as soon as it open,” a third user said.

In an update video, Davis revealed that the doorman reported himself in order to not get into as much trouble if Davis had reported him—which she had no intention of doing.

She explains that she handled the situation in a calm manner because she has too much to lose as a business owner and influencer. 

“I sat there and I thought, ‘you know what, if you’re sitting here eating somebody else’s food, maybe you don’t have money to get food,’” she says. “So that was kind of my thought process…”

Before confronting the doorman, Davis says she had reported the missing food to Uber Eats who refunded her. However, that’s how she found out that the food was delivered and that someone had taken it.

In regards to why Davis didn’t report the man, she says understands that life is hard right now.

“It’s hard for everyone right now with jobs and everything going on,” she concludes. “I don’t want to get anybody fired. We are going through a recession. Shit is hard enough as is.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Davis via Instagram direct message.

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