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Dot Rising: Your December 2022 runway horoscope

From Versace to Mugler, fashion inspo that will define your weeks ahead.


Katie Martina


Posted on Dec 16, 2022   Updated on Jan 4, 2023, 3:35 pm CST

As the sun catwalks through the brilliant sign of Sagittarius, we’re all encouraged to take a few fashion risks. Ruled by bright and shiny Jupiter, this season’s energy is bold, adventurous, and larger than life. Why not infuse that oomph into your day-to-day looks?

From Versace to Mugler, read on for runway inspo that will define your weeks ahead.

Note: We recommend reading the horoscope for your rising sign. You can think of this sign as your chart’s compass or “true north.” As the focal point of your astrological blueprint, it represents the ever-present energy within you that sets the tone for the life you’re destined to lead.

Need help finding yours? We got you.

These horoscopes are meant to add fun to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t.


This month’s theme is DIY dreams, Sagittarius, so hop to it! Your chart ruler Jupiter is finally direct, so it’s high time to roll up those sleeves and make life happen—rules and formalities be damned.

Amazing opportunities for expansion will abound for the next six months. Are you willing to take action when inspiration sparks? Trust your innovative instincts and move in the direction of what lights you up. If there’s a creative endeavor you’ve been waiting to start, there’s no better time than today.

Barriers to entry are meant to be overcome. Don’t allow yourself to be held back by outdated rules of what’s allowed and what’s not. Like recreating iconic Versace looks, you’re here to shake things up and do it your way. Go make some magic.


Your theme this month is boundaries, Capricorn. Shout (or wear) them loud and proud. The next few weeks will emphasize the importance of your health and well-being. With holiday events abounding, it’s imperative that you keep them from stressing you out.

Not feeling up for your third Christmas party of the month? Don’t go. Looking to save money instead of splurge needlessly on gifts? Aim for quality time with those you love instead. To put it bluntly, you no longer have time for feeling obligated, and rightfully so. This year hasn’t been a cakewalk, after all. Reallocating your time and attention will clear space for what you really want to do.

Connect, slow down, and embrace the side of you that values stillness. Remember that rest is a radical and worthy act in itself.


With your ruling planet, Saturn, now direct, it’s transformation time, baby. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you’ll meet an abundance of opportunities for structured new beginnings in the coming weeks. 

Now is your chance to break free from outdated foundations and behaviors to reestablish new foundations for growth. As Mars continues to move retrograde in Gemini, ask yourself if your words and actions align. Do you say you want to do something, but then not do it? If you’ve been stuck in unmotivated energy, start slow, but remain steady. Set intentions to understand what keeps you from taking action. What are your optimal working conditions? What do you need to feel empowered?

You likely already know what you need to reinvent yourself and take flight. So gear up, look forward, and spread those wings.


With your ruling planet Jupiter now direct, this month will bring an ethereal energy that will likely have you floating, sweet Pisces. What could better set the tone than Rodarte’s graceful, ballet-inspired collection?

Like waking from a dream, the coming weeks make way for an empowering time of taking action toward what you truly want. Progress won’t come without introspection, however, so make time to expand your self-awareness. Ask yourself: “Am I faking anything? When and why do I feel the need to put on a happy face? Are my impulses or insecurities in the driver’s seat?”

All of these questions will guide you in a clearer direction toward your goals. If the answers that come up leave you feeling overwhelmed or unmoored, keep your pointe shoes on the ground—all you can do is dance through it.


You’ve been on a roll, Aries, and things are only heating up. As your chart ruler, Mars, continues its retrograde journey through your 12th House this month, you’re encouraged to adjust how (and where) you direct your passionate inner light. 

Your goals will take concrete form once Capricorn season arrives, so let December be a lesson in patience. Focus your fiery energy in the direction of establishing new routines. You may feel fit to combust; it’s oh-so-Aries to want everything NOW. But ask yourself: “If my wildest dreams came true today, would I be ready?”

Approach the next few weeks with patience. By carefully stoking the flames of inspiration now, you’ll build foundations for a blaze of action come January.


Drop the extra baggage, Taurus. This month’s theme is new horizons, and no matter your destination, you’ll be packing light.

The coming weeks will present you with plenty of investigative opportunities to analyze and move on from harmful thought patterns ingrained throughout your formative years. When it comes to long-held ideologies, ask yourself: “Do I really believe this? Or is it just what I was taught?”

A new, lighter identity awaits at the end of this introspective period. You may not have a clue as to where you’re headed, so your biggest challenge will be bravely getting out of your own way. Discomfort is always needed in order to grow. See how the universe responds to you trying something new. You’ll find yourself when you take a chance and fly.


You’re strongly advised to watch out for red flags this month, Gemini, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock some red of your own. This Mugler shade of red represents “vigor, progression, strength, nature, and renewal,” says Vogue. Channel that power and wear it with pride.

As Mercury goes retrograde and Mars continues to move backward through your 1st House, issues from the past will likely rear their head. Whether it’s a past love or an unhealthy thought pattern, ask yourself: “Do I really want to reinvest in this? Does it align with where I am now and where I want to go?”

If the answer is no, keep it moving. Use this retrograde period to establish new rules, structures, and boundaries around what no longer serves you. If new connections or opportunities cannot respect your process, your presence is needed elsewhere. 


That shimmery sparkle, that aura of glistening mystique that defines this OZLANA collection? Yeah, you’ve got it in spades, Cancer. All eyes are truly on you this month, but not all with good intentions.

During the next few weeks, you may come to notice that certain relationships are not syncing up with the current version of you. The undeniable light of your presence can trigger other people’s shadows, and jealousy may rear its head in those who are threatened by your growth.

If you sense that others are envious of your gifts or hanging on your coattails, make adjustments accordingly. Are you wasting energy dragging people to the top? Even if you’re doing it out of love, is it helping or hindering your progress? Establish new boundaries and intentions around energetic protection in the coming weeks. You are geared for greatness—just make sure you’re not being held back.


You may feel a little introverted this holiday season, Leo, but remember: Even when you’re dressed in black, you’re still gonna shine. As Saturn goes direct, old insecurities may emerge, which may feel confusing after all the work you’ve put into your personal growth. Witness them, accept them, and move forward accordingly. Your triggers are only making themselves known so you can clear them once and for all.

Take much-needed rest time to analyze the give and take in your relationships. When you’re not taking the lead in your connections, what happens? Do relationships fizzle when you’re not taking on all the emotional labor, or can the other party step up to the plate?

Stop and pause to see how your connections play out. Come January, you’ll be ready to step out of the shadows fueled with the knowledge of who’s really in your corner.


Lace up those sneakers and perfect your power walk, Virgo. This month is all about making moves.

As Saturn goes direct in your Sixth House, and Mars continues to retrograde through your 10th House of Careers, you may find yourself revisiting old projects with renewed vigor. If it’s a job you left or momentarily considered in the past, you may be drawn to give it another go.

Stretch, stay loose, and prepare for action. Sagittarius season may surprise you, but you’re well equipped to take it in stride.


Take it slow this month, Libra. Even when you’re not moving at breakneck speeds, you’re still supergirl, as this TikTok clearly states.

You’ve been tired lately, and maintaining the same pace that led you to burnout is certainly not sustainable. Less work means better results, so please: Get out of your own way. With Jupiter now moving direct through your Sixth House, unhealthy coping mechanisms around day-to-day work will be amplified.

If you’ve been overworking due to fear, anxiety, or a scarcity mindset, now’s your time to slow things down and get centered. Stay flexible, and most of all, stay patient. You’ve been so focused on making things work that you’ve likely missed out on opportunities to thrive. Now’s your chance to turn it around.


Break out the metallics, Scorpio. This month is all about reflection. As your chart ruler continues its retrograde path through the depths of your Eighth House, it’s a great time to look back and dive deep.

You’re not quite in the old phase of life, but not yet in the new. You already know what you’ve been struggling with, whether it’s job satisfaction or fears around intimacy, but can you look in the rearview mirror and understand why? What triggers have been activated lately, and why do you think that is? Where did they come from?

Slow down in the coming weeks and feel what comes up. You’re no stranger to introspection, after all. By understanding what didn’t work in the past, you’ll create the tools you need to succeed in the future.

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*First Published: Dec 16, 2022, 6:00 am CST