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Illustration via Max Fleishman

Happy Father’s Day!

According to Twitter analytics, “Dads were talked about on Twitter 143 million times in the past year” and “7.5 million Twitter accounts use the word ‘dad’ or ‘father’ in their Twitter bio,” showing dudes don’t mind, are proud even, to identify as fathers.

So it seems the tides have turned: Even though dads insist on wearing flip-flops, being a dad is actually pretty hip. 

In honor of Father’s Day, we rounded up the best tweets about dads, tweets for dads, and tweets that just encapsulate the peak of all dadness. Read them and enjoy, or perhaps read them out loud to your father as he nods and says, “These sound like very reasonable and smart individuals.”

Tweets about fatherhood

Tweets about dads

Peak dad jokes

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Because good fathers want what's best for their daughters.
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