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‘It’s super infuriating how non-inclusive your kids’ menu is’: Server says mom was upset that kids’ menu had no ‘healthy’ options

'I used to walk away from people like this. I’m not getting that tip either way.'


Phil West


Posted on Feb 24, 2023

A restaurant server went to TikTok to complain about “the crunchiest mom” who had issues with the limited and unhealthy options on her restaurant’s kids’ menu, and commenters far and wide felt her frustration.

The video was posted to the platform by creator @itsbaebybitch, generating more than 175,000 views since being posted on Feb. 8.

The video starts with the creator, who reveals, “The other day at work, I had the crunchiest mom at my table and this is what happened.”

She continues, “So it’s a family of four, right? Two kids, mom, and dad. OK? And so I go over there and I take their order, and just say, you know, our kids’ menu is not extensive at all. It’s like mac and cheese, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, like a kid’s dream.”

The server says the family orders, and when it gets to one of the kids’ turn, the mom said, “Oh, my son wants the wings. But can he substitute the chicken tenders for wings?”

The creator narrates, “I was like, oh, unfortunately, I can’t substitute because, like, I don’t know what happened. The price of wings is not equal to the kids’ menu. I can’t substitute. She’s like, ‘Fine. We’ll take the chicken tenders.”

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But then, this is where the mom allegedly scolded the worker, saying, “Honestly, it’s super infuriating how non-inclusive your kids’ menu is … look how much food there is for adults. And then kids get three options and they’re all unhealthy.”

The creator says she then tried to make a joke, saying, “Yeah, like you think it would have changed over the past 20 years? Like that’s what I was eating when I was a kid.”

But then the mom purportedly said, “No, it’s actually infuriating.”

In response, the server says she suggested that the mom order veggies as a side from the adult menu, but of course, the toddler ordering preferred fries to veggies. Though the mother acquiesced to her child’s fry-eating desires, the creator says she also went with the classic expression of customer service dissatisfaction: Asking to speak to the server’s manager.

The TikToker says after she conferred with the manager to determine that the mom was indeed “for real,” the manager spoke to the mom and, in the creator’s words, “She gets her ass chewed out after I got my ass chewed out and I was like, LOL, this is hilarious.”

As the creator assessed to close out the video, “We have no pull here … I don’t make the kids’ menu.”

Commenters were sympathetic to her plight, while also recognizing that there was probably no winning with this customer.

“I used to walk away from people like this,” one shared. “I’m not getting that tip either way.”

Another wondered, “First of all, what kid is gonna want veggies over fries.”

While that’s reasonable, one person did respond, “My kid would ask me if they could have both. That’s the kind of balance I strive for.”

“I worked in an Italian restaurant,” another commenter remarked. “This mom yelled at me cuz her son was allergic to garlic and we didn’t have enough garlic-free options.”

That elicited an “LMAO” from the creator.

Through the comments, the TikToker revealed an important element to the story. One person asked straight up, “Did she at least tip???”

The creator revealed, “Horribly, LMAO. Wasn’t expecting much after that encounter, though.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Feb 24, 2023, 12:46 pm CST