Crocodile stalks and attacks humans in private residence swimming pool

Screengrab via Zimbo88


Zimbabwe is suffering from a severe drought, and rainfall isn’t expected anytime soon. President Robert Mugabe has declared  a “state of disaster,” and the United Nations has estimated that as many as 5 million residents may need assistance by the end of the year due to expected food shortages. The drought has caused lake levels to drop significantly, which is disrupting the natural ecosystem and, in turn, forcing crocodiles to look elsewhere for food and water. 

That’s a long, rational way of explaining the most terrifying CCTV footage you’ll ever see. 

In a video timestamped Oct. 27, a Nile crocodile can be seen slithering into a pool at a private residence in Kariba, Zimbabwe. Two people splash furiously as they escape the pool. The woman appears to suffer a bite on her arm.

The grainy footage looks straight out of a horror movie. 

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