Photoshop and patience help cool dad create epic baby photos

Normally, posting photos on Instagram of your toddler hanging from a tree, teetering on the edge of his crib, or doing a handstand on the kitchen counter would earn you a call from Child Protective Services. But in the case of father Brandon Hill, these seemingly reckless snapshots earned him thousands of followers.

MaddStunts just landed on ABCNews online, Maddex is stoked.

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You see, this 35-year-old commercial photographer isn’t a negligent parent, but rather an awesome dad using the power of Photoshop to give his son Maddox a kickass childhood. Thanks to Brandon’s photo-editing skills, 18-month-old Maddox has gone from crawling to steering a scooter in no time at all. 

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So where do the ideas for these wild photos come from?

“I’m inspired by his personality and the infant-to-toddler transformation,” the Seattle dad told Yahoo Parenting. “His personality is definitely on the daring side and he doesn’t seem to believe in risk.”

But orchestrating these impressive snaps aren’t as easy as simply clicking a few buttons on the computer. Hill said it takes a team of individuals and a very patient son to make these wild images happen. After sketching out his vision, scouting his location, and framing the shot, he gets to work adjusting lighting and placing props. 

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Then, Brandon enlists the help of his wife or another production assistant to bring in and pose Maddox. The extra hands hold the star of the shoot in place while Brandon tries to take as many photos as possible.

The real magic happens when he starts editing the images.

“I’ll select the best shot of his body and expression, and then digitally remove the assistant holding him,” Hill said

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All that hard work has paid off in dividends: Instead of boring snapshots taken at a Sears portrait studio, Maddox will have custom action shots to look back on fondly. But he’s not the only one who can delight in the images. Hill has been sharing the latest death-defying images on his Instagram account for everyone to enjoy.  

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