College student fails to tell parents he doesn't have housing—while his parents help him move

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‘I genuinely don’t know what to do’: College student fails to tell parents he doesn’t have housing—while his parents help him move

'I don’t know what to tell you.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 29, 2023   Updated on Aug 29, 2023, 7:51 pm CDT

A college student was taught a valuable lesson before he even stepped foot on campus. 

TikToker Zandrox (@zandrox_) says that he forgot to confirm his dorm room housing assignment, leaving him without a place to live—even as his parents helped him move. 

His viral video, which has amassed over 227,700 views by Tuesday afternoon, shows his parents driving him to campus, unaware that he doesn’t have housing.

@zandrox__ I genuinely don’t know what to do #fyp #viral #help #wtf #college #moveinday ♬ whats after adoption – gowonheal

“I genuinely don’t know what to do,” he captioned his video, which shows him looking nervous while his parents drive him off to college.

“So uh… how do you tell your parents that you just now realized you forgot to confirm your housing assignment…” Zandrox wrote in the text overlay. “And now you’re otw [on the way] to campus with literally everything you own and nowhere to go when you get there…”

The Daily Dot reached out to Zandrox via TikTok comment. 

A commentator remarked that many college students are having housing issues due to not reading their emails. 

“I swear I’ve never seen so many people who have these issues until TikTok,” they commented. “Do people not read their emails.”

Someone who works in school administration gave their take: “I am so sorry. I can’t wait 2 see how this plays out. As an admin, I’m not w/out sympathy, but the amount of ppl who never confirm or read is shocking.”

A third shared that her daughter made the same mistake. “My daughter did that last year – assumed she had a room because they took her deposit never read email. Waitlisted for housing.”

Others were just as stuck as Zandrox on what to do. “I don’t know what to tell you,” one shared. 

Zandrox has provided a positive update on the situation.

In a response to a comment, he wrote, “They have me in a temporary dorm right now, my roommate I had last year is alone thankfully, hopefully I can get in tomorrow.”

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*First Published: Aug 29, 2023, 7:50 pm CDT