Colleen Ballinger Miranda Sings on stage with fans with caption 'Remembering when I was 14 and Miranda Sings s3xualized me on stage' (l) Colleen Ballinger speaking (c) Colleen Ballinger Miranda Sings on stage with fans with caption 'Remembering when I was 14 and Miranda Sings s3xualized me on stage' (r)

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‘It felt incredibly sexually violating’: Former fan of Colleen Ballinger shares ‘nasty’ experience amid allegations against the Miranda Sings comedian

'I was terrified my body wasn't covered up enough.'


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Jun 15, 2023

A former fan of Colleen Ballinger, the actress who originated the popular YouTube character Miranda Sings, alleged last week that Ballinger had inappropriate conduct with him when he was a minor.

In the wake of the accusations, others who interacted with Ballinger as teenagers have posted footage of their uncomfortable experiences with the YouTuber.

First reported by Centennial World, Adam McIntyre and YouTuber KodeeRants described inappropriate group chat conversations that Ballinger had with fans who were minors. McIntyre says that Ballinger formed a friendship with him when he was in his mid-teens and she was over 30.

Ballinger allegedly asked young fans if they were virgins and what their favorite sex positions were.

Other former fans of Ballinger have come forward about their experiences attending her live shows when they were teenagers and said they felt sexualized at the time.

In a TikTok posted yesterday, user @graypes_ shared a video of Ballinger repeatedly calling their outfit “porn” onstage at a live show when the TikToker was 14. Ballinger also puts on a hat and whacks @graypes_ chest with it, calling their breasts “the porn areas.”

@graypes_ My experience with Colleen Ballinger #colleenballinger #mirandasings ♬ original sound – Senorita awesome

Another TikToker named Becky (@noitsbecks) on Wednesday posted about her experience when she was 16 at Ballinger’s live show. A photo shows Ballinger spreading Becky’s legs open while she was lying down on her back on stage.

She says that she was called onstage at Ballinger’s show to participate in “the yoga challenge.” Becky says at the time that she was wearing a romper and “not wearing pants.”

“But for some reason, that didn’t stop her from continuing,” Becky says in her TikTok. “In fact, no adult, at any point, stepped in in this situation.”

Becky says “the moment [she’ll] never forget” is when she was lying under Ballinger while the YouTuber was “smirking down at [her] while thousands of people were laughing.”

“I was terrified my body wasn’t covered up enough,” she continues. “It felt incredibly sexually violating. I was younger, my body was still developing. For her to use my body as entertainment onstage really set my confidence back quite a lot.”

Becky says that she doesn’t consider the experience with Ballinger sexual assault but did feel “nasty” and “gross” and like she wanted to “purge and clean out her insides” after the fact.

@noitsbecks #stitch with @ImJustZander #colleenballinger #colleenballingerallegations #mirandasings #ballingerfamily my experience with @Colleen Ballinger ♬ original sound – becky

In a follow-up video, Becky says that Ballinger also spit in her face at the live show and stresses the fact that an adult at the show could have stepped in.

“Colleen was in her 30s, and all of the people working on her show were also fully grown adults,” Becky says. “Who know that me wearing this outfit and her doing [‘the yoga challenge’] would be wrong.”

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*First Published: Jun 15, 2023, 3:49 pm CDT