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‘LMFAOOOO, sound like he’s done that more than once’: Chipotle customer catches worker lying about being out of chips

'If I was that employee, I would have quit. That’s so embarrassing.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jan 6, 2023   Updated on Jan 6, 2023, 8:03 am CST

Chipotle has been at the center of many viral social media scandals. A number of customers have called out the chain for charging what they believe are exorbitant prices for products the chain used to offer for less money. This has caused some former Chipotle fans to encourage patrons to go to competing chains, like Qdoba, for their food instead.

Another TikToker, @heyoooioo, recently went viral for posting yet another video that adds to the mounting number of “Chipotle hate” videos circulating online. In the clip, she accuses an employee of the popular fast-casual franchise of attempting to deprive them of chips.

She claims that a Chipotle worker forgot to pack her chips with her meal and when she approached the cashier to ask them for said chips, she was told that they had run out. However, the cashier was allegedly quickly outed for lying by another co-worker.

In the text overlay, the customer writes: “When I went into Chipotle [because] I had a mobile order but they forgot my chips so I told the cashier and he said ‘we’re out’ and a random employee said ‘stop [lying] and go get them chips out the back get on my mf nerves.'”

In the nine-second clip, which has received over 244,000 views as of Friday, the TikToker pantomimes extreme outrage over potentially being denied the chips she paid for.

@heyoooioo cuz why he lie to me 🌚 #chipotle #stopplayingwithme ♬ original sound – &lt3

The Daily Dot has reached out to the @heyoooioo via TikTok comment and Chipotle via email for further information.

In recent years, Chipotle has undergone scrutiny for its portions being purportedly inconsistent. In a Reddit post uploaded to a subreddit dedicated to the restaurant, a user claimed “Chipotle doesn’t have a portioning issue, it has a consistency issue.” They call out the chain for not giving its workers measuring cups to make accurate assessments of the amounts of food to give to customers.

Others claim Chipotle is intentionally scaling back on portions in a bid to upcharge customers. The company also implemented significant price hikes over the past two years: in 2021 an 8.1% charge was added to the brand’s menu, followed by another 10.5% increase as a means of covering employee minimum wage boosts.

TikTokers who saw @heyoooioo’s post shared similar experiences they witnessed at Chipotle.

User wrote, “I witnessed an employee tell an entire FAMILY who each had drinks they were out of straws?? then when they left, they refilled the straw container??”

One user, @springaura, penned, “one time they made my mobile order with everything BUT THE MEATS that I ordered & I told the worker and the guy was like “oh I forgot” LIKE???”

Another TikTok user who claimed they were a worker at the chain couldn’t seem to understand why a worker would lie about not having a product on hand for a customer.

“If we have no chip bags ready I be like ‘one second I’m gonna make your bag of chips,'” they wrote.

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*First Published: Jan 6, 2023, 8:02 am CST