woman holding note in front of bf on vacation with message 'My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half. #IKnow (l) woman holding note in front of bf on vacation with message 'But he would often take trips with his buddy to screw other women behind my back. #IKnow' (c) woman holding note in front of bf on vacation with message 'So after this trip I'm breaking up with him. #IKnow' (r)

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‘Definition of playing the long game’: Woman goes on trip with boyfriend—even though she knows he’s cheating

'My own little project.'


Kristine Villarroel


Posted on Sep 5, 2023

A TikTok user is receiving praise online for the way she got revenge on her cheating boyfriend during a couples’ trip through Europe. 

In a series of videos, the creator shared the details of their relationship, how they started seeing each other, and how they progressed as they managed a long-distance relationship and eventually moved in together.

The couple met on Bumble and stayed together for a year and a half before going on a nine-week vacation to Europe, the creator explained.

In each video, the creator shows a different picture of her ex-boyfriend taken during their trip. In the pictures, she’s holding a sticky note in front of the camera that her then-partner couldn’t see. 

“He thought they were love notes I was holding up bc I told him I was making a surprise reel of all the sweet things he’s done,” she wrote in a comment.

“Little did he know that I was breaking up with him,” she revealed in one of the videos. 

@iknow_girl I know that sometimes it's mind over matter! And even though my situation was obviously not ideal, I made sure to make the most of it because it really was a once in a lifetime trip! @Bdazzle #Iknow #cheater #cheating #serialcheater #toxic #karma #player #intuition #betrayal #secretsandlies #cheatersexposed #womenempowered #keepitinyourpants #cheatingboyfriend #fuckboy #unfaithful #redflags #deception #manipulation #sociopath #insecureman #relationships #dating #monogamy #redflags #dating101 #healing #love #greenflags #healthyrelationship #knowyourworth #therapy #selfworth #lifelesson #secureattachment #romance #traditional ♬ original sound – Bdazzle

“He doesn’t know that I know he’s cheating on me,” one of the notes read on a picture of the creator’s boyfriend standing in front of London’s Big Ben. 

“Man I’m so sorry you had to go through this,” one commenter wrote. “But my god brilliant clap back.”

“Good for you girl get someone who deserves you,” another commented. 

“It was my own little project that helped me process what he did, and this breakup,” the creator said in one of the videos. “I really had to shut off my emotions, I had to change my entire mindset.”

The creator shared that she found out about his infidelity right before their couple’s trip, which was her first time in Europe. 

The boyfriend, alongside one of his friends, had been planning and going on trips to “screw other women” throughout the relationship, the creator said in one of the videos. 

“This is so malicious and foul. You’re right though, you truly don’t know anyone, only what they tell you,” a user commented. 

“I’m so mad for you! the audacity of this man! You truly are so strong for being able to go on a trip and not want to push him off the Eiffel Tower,” another wrote. 

At the end of their trip, she gave him a reel of all the pictures she had taken with the notes that narrated her breaking up with him. 

In a different post, she explained that he had paid for the entire trip, and she reimbursed him for it. Confronting him about his infidelity would’ve meant he either would’ve gone on the trip alone, or she would lose thousands of dollars in cancellation fees, she says in the video. 

After nine weeks, the creator went back to the U.S. alone while her partner continued his trip in Europe for another two and a half weeks, spanning three other countries.

Then, she made the reveal. 

After she sent him the reel she had made with all the pictures and the notes where she revealed she knew of his infidelity, the creator’s partner sent her a 30-second audio message on Snapchat apologizing to her. 

“My closure was the acceptance of who he was and what he did. I want nothing to do with him nor will I ever,” she said in the final video of the series. 

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*First Published: Sep 5, 2023, 9:51 pm CDT