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‘The amount of money I would have saved on past animals’: Woman shares PSA for getting cheap pet medication

‘You might’ve just saved my dog’s life!’


Braden Bjella


Many pet owners are hit with sticker shock after seeing the cost of their animal’s medication at the end of a vet visit. Now, a user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing a tip she learned from a veterinary technician to get the same medication at a reduced cost.

In a video with over 1.4 million views, TikTok user Legacy (@legacy_d) says she recently took her cat to the vet, where she was prescribed amoxicillin for $100.

After quibbling about the price of the medication, the technician offered Legacy some advice: call the prescription into Walmart.

As Legacy later learned, pet medications can be called into many of the same places people get their other prescriptions, which often results in a significant price reduction.

The new cost for the pet medication that Legacy’s cat needed? “…$10 at Walmart for the same exact dosage,” she says.

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Later in the video, Legacy expresses her frustration that many, including herself, did not know this.

“There are so many people who are broke as fuck that feel like they have to get rid of their animals or put them down because they can’t afford medication, and this is the answer?” Legacy questions. “This needs to be common knowledge.”

In the comment section, users spoke to the veracity of Legacy’s claim.

“Yup. I had a diabetic cat and the vet had me get her insulin from Walmart,” one user wrote. “If your vet is gatekeeping, switch to a more ethical vet.”

“I used to buy my dogs insulin at Walmart for $18 when I was previously buying it at my vet for $163. Saved us so much,” another shared.

“Yes! This is how we afforded to have a diabetic dog for so long. $25 insulin at Walmart, over $100 everywhere else,” a third claimed.

“THANK YOU so much! I just called the pharmacy , they’ll be filling the prescription for $4!!” a fourth exclaimed. “you mightve just saved my dogs life!”

Others in the comments who claimed to work in the veterinary industry also offered their thoughts.

“Vet techs WANT you to be able to take of your pet. Most clinics offer written prescriptions (for meds available at outside pharmacies) if you have financial concerns,” one commenter wrote. “We are more than happy to assist.”

“As a vet tech, i will ALWAYS tell ppl where they can get meds cheaper. we will even give partial scripts if it’s something you need right away,” a second stated. “i want so bad to be apart from the claim we’re in it for the money. i would do it all for free if i could.”

Update 3:45pm CT, Dec. 7: In a TikTok DM exchange with Daily Dot, Legacy shared further thoughts on the issue.

“I am so unbelievably happy that my post reached so many people who found this information helpful. I’ve read a lot of comments saying this info has saved their animals and released them from their stress of debt. That was my only goal when posting this and it absolutely warms my heart knowing it’s helped,” she wrote. “I would also like to add that the emotion behind my frustration is only geared towards vets who withhold this information and force technicians to gatekeep. I appreciate every single person in the field whose heart is in it for the right reasons and truly care about animals and their owners,” she continued. “It’s a job I could never do, and I applaud them for doing so.”

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