Canada will legalize weed in 2018

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Justin Trudeau plans to legalize marijuana in Canada

Ever been to Canada… on weed??


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Justin Trudeau’s platform included many ideas from Canada’s Liberal Party—such as increasing taxes on the “one percent,” expanding the rights of transgender people, and promoting world peace—when he ran for Canadian Prime Minister in 2015. The guy’s been making some progress in nearly all platform areas for the last two years, and is now committing himself to one more action item: marijuana legalization.

According to CBC News, the Liberal Party will announce legislation within the coming month to legalize marijuana by July 1, 2018.

A task force was commissioned to research the best practices for implementation, as well as how to regulate sales, distribution, and criminal charges. We know they’ve decided that provinces will be in charge of sales and distribution regulations, and there will be restrictions on how much weed a single person or household can have at any given time. The age restrictions will likely be a minimum of 18 or 19, on par with Canada’s alcohol laws.

As expected, many Canadians are stoked about the upcoming changes.

Until next July, though, Trudeau isn’t easing up on laws and criminal charges. Instead, he urges citizens to remain patient until the entire plan and processes are put in place.

In December he said his main goal is to keep profits from marijuana away from criminal entities, as well as protect youth from Canada’s unregulated (and illegal) weed market.

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