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‘Don’t disrespect the King’: Customer calls out those who claim Burger King isn’t good, sparking debate

‘Burger King and Taco bell have been there for me at my lowest moments when nobody else was.’


Braden Bjella


TikTokers have a message for fast food lovers: Burger King is good, actually.

While some have criticized the restaurant in the past for its inadequate offerings when compared to its competitors, today, users on TikTok are going viral for sharing their love for the King.

For example, in a video with over 1.2 million views, user Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8) stitches with TikToker Kaylla (@kayllalewis) to explain why he thinks Burger King deserves more respect in the fast food market.

“I don’t know who started this whole rumor that Burger King wasn’t good…Burger King’s always been delicious,” he details. “I’m finally glad that we’re going back full circle to understand that Burger King has been the best when it came to burgers, onion ring combo with a drink. Refreshing. Never disappointing.”

“Don’t disrespect the King,” he concludes.

@jordan_the_stallion8 #stitch with @kayllalewis #fypシ ♬ original sound – Jordan_The_Stallion8

This video set off a flurry of comments, with many agreeing with Jordan’s assessment of the chain.

“Finally I don’t need to hide anymore,” joked one user.

“I BEEN SAYIN THAT FOR YEARS,” agreed a second.

“Burger King and Taco bell have been there for me at my lowest moments when nobody else was,” stated another.

“…the homies looked at me crazy when i brought back some Burger King. Burger King always hit,” offered a fourth.

However, some users disagreed with Jordan, if only partially.

“BK quality heavily depends on location. Thats the problem,” claimed a commenter.

“It’s good, but you also have to find one where the workers know what they are doing,” echoed another TikToker.

“Burger King is good but some burger kings don’t really care about the quality of their food and it’s very saddening,” expressed an additional user.

Regardless, it seems the pro-Burger King message is taking over TikTok.

“This is the 2nd Burger King TikTok I’ve seen this morning,” noted a commenter. “I kinda want BG today. the brainwashing is working!!!”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Burger King and Jordan via email.

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