Alistair Brownlee helping brother Jonny finish his triathlon

Screengrab via Scott Arthur / YouTube

Damn, triathlons look hard.

Is it too much of an understatement to say triathlons seem hard? Triathlons seem hard. There is an entire section of YouTube devoted to people’s bodies just giving up at the end of them. That’s what was starting to happen to Jonny Brownlee at the World Triathlon Series in Cozumel, until his brother, Alistair, helped him over the finish line.

In the video, Jonny looks dazed, and commentators note that he’s “losing his sense of direction.” At one point, he pauses by the side of the track, at which point his brother, who is also competing, turns the corner and offers him support. The two run together toward the finish line, and Alistair pushes Jonny across. Jonny ended up winning second place.

Jonny tweeted later that he is OK—from a hospital bed. He also thanked his brother for his help, and joked about his dehydration.

We just hope Jonny got some Gatorade. 

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