Woman finds block of cheese under her seat after car wash

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‘I DON’T EVEN EAT PEPPER JACK’: Woman finds block of cheese under her seat after car wash

'I feel like it's to make you come back for another cleaning once the cheese rots.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 7, 2023

A woman on TikTok is peeved after she found a block of cheese under her seat after a car wash.

In a video with over 1.9 million views, TikTok user Ashley (@ashleygcolon) retrieves the unopened block of Cabot Pepper Jack Cheese from where it’s wedged under her seat.  

@ashleygcolon i cant believe my life sometimes #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ AnySoundEffects Goofy Ahh – Any Sound Effects

“I cant believe my life sometimes,” she writes in the caption. 

“Tell me why I go to get a car wash and find this under my seat. I DON’T EVEN EAT PEPPER JACK CHEESE,” she writes in the text overlay. “This was planted & should be considered a felony. I will get to the bottom of this.” (The Daily Dot reached out to Ashely via TikTok comment.)

#CheeseGate has made a presence on TikTok before. In 2022, a “cheese challenge” on social media had users posting videos of themselves throwing slices of processed cheese on toddlers.

@annabessguess NO HATERS! This trend is hilarious! 😂 I love my baby #EJ #cheeseinbabyface #greatlaughs ♬ original sound – Anna Bess Guess

After the fun of that wore off, people set their sights on another target: cars.  

@chumpytwins2 Throwing Cheese at Cars! Cheesing, YouTube: Chumpy Twins #foryou #fyp #PlutoTVDecades #cheesechallenge #cheesingcars #prank #vlog ♬ original sound

The challenge drew controversy due to the possible damage it can cause. 

In a June 2022 interview with Kentucky’s WDRB, Taneka Williams shared that she discovered a piece of cheese on her rear window after seeing a movie with a friend. 

After driving around the parking lot, Williams and her friend discovered that nine other cars had also been slapped with cheese. 

While Taneka was able to remove the cheese from her car, other people haven’t been so lucky. 

Dalton Brown, owner of Dalton Brown Restoration and Construction, LLC., told WDRB at the time that cheese left on a car too long can cause acidic damage. “Just a small repair, you’re probably going to be looking at $3,000,” Dalton said.

Commenters of Ashley’s video were quick to share their theories of how the block of cheese got inside her car. 

“Maybe it’s so it starts to smell so you get it cleaned again,” this user wrote. “I feel like it’s to make you come back for another cleaning once the cheese rots,” seconded another. “Why else would it be shoved in like that.”

Another theory that was tossed around is that the car wash employee used her car to run errands. “Someone went on a grocery run with your car,” a person commented.

Others viewed the block of cheese as a gift from the car wash company. “It was a gift like a hotel pillow mint,” a third commented. A fourth wrote, “It’s a thank you gift.”

Since strangely similar occurrences have happened to others, some people believe that it’s not a coincidence.

 “Like 10 years ago I found a Cabot pepper Jack cheese stick in my moms new car after she got it cleaned so now I’m convinced this isn’t a coincidence,” a woman wrote.

“Once I found a cucumber buried in my center console!! I had just gotten it serviced,” shared another.

“Reminds me of when i opened my hood a few weeks after having something fixed on my car and there was a half eaten muffin sitting on top of the engine,” a person noted.

Besides food, people have found other weird things in their cars after getting it serviced. “WAIT this happened to me before but it was like 45 baseball player cards???”

Finally, a car washer joined the chat to give a possible explanation and eliminate some of Ashley’s paranoia. “Car washer here, sometimes we leave things we are eating in ur car and forget to take them out!!”

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*First Published: Aug 7, 2023, 3:50 pm CDT