Black man is pulled over for basically owning a home in a nice neighborhood

Police on motorcycles

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They even drive to one man’s house to prove it.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on June 21, two black men are pulled over by an officer for the crime of, essentially, driving in a nice neighborhood while black.

The men in the video are unidentified. But the driver explains to the officer that he bought a house in the neighborhood and is driving around to research the prices of similar properties. The white officer, whose replies are hard to hear in the video, doesn’t believe the man, so he offers to show the officer his home.

As the men lead the officer to the house, the driver yells to the passenger, “Steve, I’m ’bout to flex!” At one point, the passenger, who is filming the ordeal, says, “This just shows you being black in America.”

The men lead the officer to the very nice, two-story brick home and offer to show him inside. “Come on in,” the home owner says.

“I can’t,” the police officer replies.

“This is my house, so you could,” the homeowner offers.

The men are laughing throughout the ordeal, but the video is a chilling example of racial profiling, which is the real crime being perpetrated here. In America, young black men are 21 times more likely to be shot by the police than white men—and Randolph County, North Carolina, where the incident took place, is 89 percent white.

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Lyz Lenz

Lyz Lenz

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