Motorist calls out police officer for pulling a gun during a traffic stop

Screengrab via Randell Minott/Facebook Remix by Jason Reed

Black driver goes viral for calling out cop who allegedly drew a gun on him

'I'd've had three f**king kids, three kids with no dad.'


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Posted on Sep 11, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 5:50 pm CDT

What should’ve been a routine traffic stop turned into a viral incident after a Black driver recorded himself criticizing a police officer for allegedly pulling a gun out on him.

The video was originally posted on Facebook and Instagram last Wednesday by a man named Randell Minott, who claims the recordings are of him. Several days after, Minott posted a longer version of the video, showing more of his rant at a white cop who allegedly pulled out his gun for no reason and pointed it at him.

“A turn signal not made is a big enough of a crime for you to feel like you need to take out your service pistol, right?” the Black driver says to the cop. “Fucking prick shit. That’s prick shit, bro.”

MICHEAL BENNET a rich football player and they threw his ass on the floor and pushed a gun in his head for nothing and still you lost souls still jump on every video defending these dudes. If you have a problem with the way I talk to a cop who ILLEGALLY POINTED A GUN AT MY HEAD then LEAVE THIS COUNTRY (see what I did there #LOL) Because last I check its in my constitutional rights #GoAmerikkka If he made a mistake and killed me him and his partner would of made up any kind of lie to get him off…even if they had to make me seem like I was up to something. The day a POLICE OFFICER snitches on his fellow BAD OFFICER and GET REWARDED FOR IT instead of bashed I will start trusting police… until then you know the drill!!!For licensing or usage, contact

Posted by Randell Minott on Friday, September 8, 2017

The driver pointed out that if the cop came over and followed standard procedures, there wouldn’t have been a problem. But because the cop allegedly pulled out his gun without reason, the driver was furious.

“I’d’ve had three fucking kids, three kids with no dad,” he said. “Dad a criminal? Nope. Dad a thug? Nope. Dad shot dead by a cop made a mistake cause you wanna come with your gun drawn.”

The driver’s video went viral on Twitter after it was posted by user SIX_FOOT_5, sparking over 300K retweets. Black Twitter fell in love with the driver, pointing out that the police officer’s alleged actions were completely inappropriate and potentially life-threatening.

“He spoke 4 all who didn’t make it home from deathly encounters w cops,” one user said, listing the names of Black men and women who were killed by police officers across the U.S.

But some Twitter users were skeptical of the video, with several white posters outright defending the cop for pulling his gun—a response other users were quick to criticize.

In 2017, much like every year before it, there has been no shortage of Black people being harassed by cops. There was the Black man in Florida who claimed he was discriminated against by police officers for jaywalking. And the Black handyman who was held in jail for 90 days after police confused drywall powder with cocaine. Not to mention all the unarmed Black teenagers and mentally ill people like pregnant Charleena Lyles who were killed by cops, and the fact that over a quarter of the 492 people who were shot by police in the first half of this year were Black men.

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*First Published: Sep 11, 2017, 12:16 pm CDT