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How one little boy saved his best friend’s birthday after her class let her down

One really great friend is always better than 100 acquaintances.


Samantha Grasso


There’s no bigger heartbreak in the world than inviting all your would-be friends to your birthday party and having no one show. 

Now imagine you were 5 years old. Such a painful hypothetical became very real for Brianna Schermann’s little sister Brooke.

Last week Brooke turned 5, a very important milestone to most preschoolers.

When she celebrated the big day on Monday, Brianna tweeted that none of Brooke’s classmates showed. Instead of pulling the “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” schtick, which we all would have definitely done in Brooke’s position, she had a great time with her one true friend who came, Bryce.



Just look at how much goober-y 5-year-old fun they’re having! 

Brianna tweeted that Bryce was a friend from church and that his family came too.

Brianna’s photos of Brooke and Bryce were picked up by Twitter accounts like Common White Girl and Girl Quotes the following day.

Understandably so, other followers sympathized with Brooke.

They were also really into this being the start of Brooke and Bryce’s “happily ever after,” though I’m not sure why we like to hetero-romanticize the male-female friendships of children.

They were also incredibly pissed at the parents of the no-shows.

At least the ending to Brooke’s sad story didn’t come with some over-the-top viral twist. That being said, a 5-year-old’s birthday party of “Burgers with Papaw”-sized proportions would probably be kinda fun anyway.

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