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‘How I found out I had no job’: Tech worker says she found out she was laid off by not being able to log into laptop

'I just didn't see this coming.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jan 26, 2023

There have been a massive number of corporate layoffs, especially from Big Tech companies in 2023. Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft have all been letting thousands of workers go. However, one of the world’s most globally recognized software brands, Google, has been receiving a ton of press for its 12,000 worker layoff.

TikToker Bailey Maya (@itsbaileymaya) is one such employee who was recently terminated from her Big Tech position. While she doesn’t specify which business it is, she does say that it’s a prominent enough business that whoever was watching her video has definitely heard of it.

It’s certainly jarring to be blindsided by a firing out of the blue, especially when you’re performing well in your position as Maya says she did. However, for her, it appears that the manner in which she discovered how she lost her job is what affected her the most.

According to Maya, she woke up one morning and saw news headlines that the company she works for just went through a large-scale culling of its workforce. She thought that her job was secure until she attempted to log into her laptop. That’s when she first thought that something was up.

Maya texted her boss and asked him what was going on, and he assured her that there were no changes made to their team and that it was probably just an error or malfunction with her computer.

Then, she says received a call ten minutes later with the news that she no longer had a job with the company.

@itsbaileymaya How I Found Out I had no job. Big Tech layoffs. #layoff #bigtech #techtok #entrepreneur #selfimprovement #storytime ♬ original sound – Bailey Maya

“I woke up to a news article on Friday stating that there were huge layoffs at my company,” Maya says in the clip. “So I go to check my laptop. I can’t get on to my laptop.”

Bailey goes on to state that the layoff seemingly had nothing to do with her performance as she was a consistently on-the-ball worker for the Big Tech company.

“Keep in mind, I was the highest performer in my job function in my business unit,” she says. “So I was never really worried about layoffs. My other friends in Big Tech would get emails if there was gonna be layoffs. So I just didn’t see this coming.”

Although she appeared to be visibly upset by the news, she finished her storytime video on a hopeful note.

“But I’m kinda excited because now I can do my own thing,” she explains. “And even though I’m 25, I don’t really wanna do a 9-5 anymore. So yeah, I’m unemployed but I have a hell of a lot of confidence in myself. I’m gonna document the journey. My mindset, my action, how to save money.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Bailey via Instagram direct message for further comment.

Some commenters asked if the company she was referring to was Google, but Bailey responded that she “ain’t sayin nothin!”

Others remarked on the perceived instability when it comes to working with large tech firms. “I’m realizing that the tech industry is about as stable as the oil and gas industry,” one user wrote. “You’re rolling the dice working for them.”

There were also TikTokers who said that they, too, were let go and have adopted the same mindset as Bailey. “Love your outlook. Similar situation this week with a large company too. I’m over it! Ready to move on,” a further commenter stated.

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*First Published: Jan 26, 2023, 2:00 pm CST