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Barbie has a new job: Social media influencer

How much would you pay for Barbie to model your brand?


Lyz Lenz


Barbie has had a lot of jobs—astronaut, presidential candidate, hairstylist, dog groomer, and now Instagram influencer.

The @BarbieStyle account has 1.5 million followers and looks more like an Instagram account for a celebrity than a doll. The posts show Barbie at Coachella, attending photo shoots in Milan, and chilling with supermodels, as a glamour girl does.

Barbie was photographed at an event for Dyson’s new supersonic hairdryer, and posted the picture to Instagram. This is the first sponsored post for Barbie, but with over 41,000 likes, it won’t be her last. 

Talking to Women’s Wear Daily, Barbie Vice President of Marketing Communications Kristina Duncan, said that the account is run by a specialized team that creates custom outfits, scouts locations, and builds specialized sets. “A core group within the Barbie design team saw an opportunity to show a beautiful, curated, behind-the-scenes look inside Barbie’s world. Barbie has always been a reflection of culture, and @BarbieStyle showcases her as an icon traveling the world, showing up in culturally relevant places and spaces,” Duncan told the site. 

Which means Barbie will drop in, look cool, and shill your brand for cash.

Mattel did not reveal how much Barbie was paid for the Dyson post, but if Kendall Jenner can earn up to $300,000 for one post, it better have been a lot.

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