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‘The way I cleared my cart as soon as I saw this’: Woman says ASOS banned her for life

'I've never had this issue before.'


Audra Schroeder


Posted on Dec 6, 2023

An ASOS customer says her account is permanently banned, and she doesn’t know why. Other customers say the same thing has happened to them.

In a TikTok that by Wednesday had more than 800,000 views, a woman named Alyssa (@alyssabock_) explains that she’s a “regular-ish customer” of ASOS, the popular fast-fashion brand, and never had any previous issues with orders.

But Alyssa says after she ordered three sweaters, only one arrived.

She contacted ASOS customer service and was told she’d be refunded for the two missing sweaters. A half-hour later, she received an email alerting her that ASOS would be closing her account permanently, and she would not get a refund.

“I’ve never had this issue before so it’s not like this is the second time I’ve reached out to ASOS claiming that product didn’t arrive in the order,” Alyssa says.

“Was gonna order my NYE dress from asos but absolutely not,” said one commenter.

@alyssabock_ Story Time. I Need Help!!!! Hit me in the comments – is it me and I the drama?? Or is it @asos ♬ original sound – Alyssa Bock

One of the top comments on the video reads: “The amount of times I’ve seen an ‘asos banned me’ video is my constant confirmation as to why I will NEVER shop there ever!”

Indeed, other customers have posted about this exact thing happening to them. Last month, a woman named Alexandra (@alex.lamx) detailed how she was banned by ASOS, as well.

She explains that she ordered clothes from ASOS right after having a baby, so she received a variety of sizes. She paid an extra $20 for a membership to get free returns, so she thought returning the items that didn’t fit wouldn’t be an issue.

Alexandra returned the items, but apparently, there was a problem. She received an email telling her she could no longer shop at ASOS. The company’s current return policy states, “As long as an item is still in its original condition, we accept returns for free, up to 14 days of you receiving them.”

@alex.lamx Replying to @bri and there you have it! The story of why @asos banned me from being a customer for the rest of all time. Basically because I returned too much stuff at one time. I remember this being more exciting. I’m going to have to go back through my receipts and see what juicy details. I am missing because I am pretty sure I have the transcript of some of my customer service chats that may have gotten a little spicy😂😂😅😅. #asos #customerserviceproblems #maternity #GRWM #GetReadyWithMe #StoryTime #MomLife #Boymom #Nightmare #ShopAtASOS #FYP #ForYouPage #ForYourPage #funnystory #makeuptutorial #easymakeup #microinfluencer #asosfinds #asosfashunweek ♬ original sound – Alexandra Lamoreaux 🖤

Last year, an ASOS customer recounted how his order was also missing items. He was told there would be a refund for those items. But when he followed up about it, customer service denied the refund and also banned him for life.

According to complaints on Reddit, getting a partial order and then getting banned when the customer follows up with customer service is fairly common.

In a TikTok from March, another ASOS customer says their account was blocked under suspicion that they were doing too many returns. In 2019, ASOS customers discovered a new return policy aimed at serial returners. But many customers were confused because they hadn’t returned any items at all or for a long time.

Similar return policies are being implemented across the industry. Earlier this year, Swedish retailer Boozt AB reportedly blocked 42,000 accounts suspected of making too many returns.

The Daily Dot reached out to Alyssa and ASOS for comment via email.

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*First Published: Dec 6, 2023, 9:25 pm CST