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You can now track how often men are doing the talking

A new site lets you clock how long dudes—or anyone—can dominate a conversation.


Jaya Saxena


In study after study, researchers find that men speak over women. Sometimes it’s that they interrupt women, sometimes it’s that they’re the first to speak in meetings, and sometimes it’s because women have been conditioned not to enter conversations unless they’ve been invited. But all these causes result in women speaking up less, especially in group settings. 

Now, one website lets you track that.

Developer Cathy Deng created, a simple site that clocks how much “a dude” speaks versus “not a dude.” Just click the button for whoever is speaking and the ticker keeps track of the results.

Deng writes on her site that making sure everyone gets a chance to speak is part of any goal of diversity. “Often, in rooms that seem diverse, men still dominate conversations to a large extent.” She also asks anyone to adapt the code to measure any amount of participation, whether it’s white people speaking over black people, straight people speaking over LGBTQ people, or people from one area of the world speaking over others. The possibilities are endless!

Of course, once you do record how much everyone is talking, you may be depressed with the results.

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