Arby's employee holding long line of receipts still printing caption 'That moment when you forgot to put paper in the printer' (l) Arby's restaurant with sign (c) Arby's employee next to receipts in pile on floor caption 'That moment when you forgot to put paper in the printer' (r)

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‘I didn’t know it was jammed’: Arby’s employee forgets to put paper in printer—so it prints 3 hours’ worth of receipts at once

'This is why we have to wait 30mins in line for a meal.'


Phil West


Posted on Jan 8, 2023

Hilarity ensued at an Arby’s restaurant when an employee forgot to put paper in a receipt printer that jammed. When he eventually attended to it three hours later, the printer allegedly dutifully began printing three hours’ worth of receipts. The employee recorded the mirthful moment when his manager discovered the mistake — to the delight of many on TikTok.

The video, which came courtesy of Austin Perez, has eclipsed the 2 million view mark in its first three days on the site as of Sunday. It’s mostly set near the drive-thru window of the Arby’s, where a printer is spitting out receipt after receipt from a roll of paper, though in the laughter and chaos, the TikTok does wander briefly into another part of the store — capturing a co-worker who can’t stop laughing about the ridiculous situation.

The on-screen caption reads, “That moment when you forget to put paper in the printer,” although, really, the video is about the many moments after when the mistake’s been caught.

It starts with the creator’s manager inquiring, “So you ain’t given nobody no receipts?”

“I didn’t know it was jammed,” the creator responded.

@austinperez64 ARBY’S💰🤑 shenanigans Pt. 1 Oh mama you know you miss me😊@@bmacpayne##firstjob##fastfood##likeforpart2##bestmanager##fyp##proudmom##wehavethemeats##arbysdiablodare##brokeasf##imgonnahaveamentalbreakdown ♬ original sound – Austin perez

The manager, flabbergasted, asks Perez about his failure to put the paper in there, as a co-worker is audibly laughing in the background.

“It ain’t pretty,” the manager assessed, doing the math and determining three hours’ worth of receipts were now piling up on the drive-thru zone’s floor.

“It’s not funny!” she exclaimed, holding up a section of the paper, as the laughter continued.

Holding her face in her hands, the manager then looked up at the creator and remarked, “What am I going to do with you?”

Judging from the caption, which reads, “Oh mama you know you miss me,” suggesting this might be a past episode and the creator has since moved on from Arby’s.

Commenters were able to get at more of the story. One user surmised, “I’m willing to bet they only found out because that one car wanted a receipt,” and Perez confirmed, “That’s exactly what happened.”

Another wondered how long it took to print and how much paper it consumed. The TikToker responded, “It took almost a whole roll and printed for about an hour.”

Perez also posted a second video where the manager is continuing her reactions, observing, “I know my blood pressure is sky high!” and finishing with a co-worker cracking, “Let me get a ‘make it right’ card” as the tangle of receipt paper continues to grow.

@austinperez64 ARBY’S💰🤑 shenanigans Pt. 2 No employee was harmed in the making of this video😂👌 #firstjob #fastfood #likeforpart3 #wehavethemeats #arbysdiablodare #proudmom #bestmanager #imgonnahaveamentalbreakdown #floridaman #jesustakethewheel #brokeasf #iykyk #thegoodoledays ♬ original sound – Austin perez

It wouldn’t be a TikTok about receipts, of course, without several commenters comparing the receipt to the mammoth ones generated by drug store chain CVS.

Commenters generally enjoyed watching the video, and more than one found occasion for a clever pun, offering, “Arby’s: We have receipts.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the TikToker via message and to Arby’s public relations department via email.

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*First Published: Jan 8, 2023, 10:36 am CST