amazon deliverer fired complaining video


Amazon deliverer says he was fired after complaining about customers’ unnecessary purchases in video

‘Like, what the f*ck did you need to buy this heavy-a** table for?’


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An Amazon delivery driver was seemingly fired after he posted a video complaining about customers’ packages, even showing one customer’s address.

In the video, the driver shows the inside of his van and says, “I’m so tired of this dumba** job!” The video has accumulated over 8 million views and 300,000 likes in just three days.

“These [N-word] just be ordering any and everything,” the driver says in the video. “Like, what the f*ck did you need to buy this heavy-a** table for? I gotta carry that b*tch up three flights of stairs.”

He then videotapes a delivery, with the address on full display, that has a special request to sing “Happy Birthday Gio.”

“Oh yeah. I got something special for they *ss; they finna get a whole song today,” he says.

He then proceeds to record himself singing “Happy Birthday” to “Gio” as he rings the doorbell, knocks on the door, and rushes away.

Many people were amused by the video. “I’m crying Cos I ordered that table for my son,” one user commented. Others expressed their support for him after he wrote in a follow-up tweet that he got fired. A user replied, “They didn’t deserve your razzle dazzle anyways.” 

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One person jokingly tweeted in support of the driver getting fired, writing, “As you should, reported you for showing my address.” Replies to that tweet garnered over 21,000 likes, but the alleged customer quickly cleared the air saying, “Whew, they sending me death threats when I was lying.”

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