You’ve never seen a timelapse video quite like this


This is the cycle of life, reduced to five minutes.

This is the cycle of life, reduced to five minutes.

Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello traveled to his friend Danielle’s family reunion last Thanksgiving with photographer Keith Sirchio, who shot portraits of her family members. From there, according to Colossal, he edited together the photos of those who had similar bone structures and animated them to look as lifelike as possible.

The end result, “Danielle,” offers a uncanny look at how someone ages right in front of your eyes.

“The idea was that something is happening but you can’t see it but you can feel it, like aging itself,” Cerniello wrote in the video description.

You can see the aging process play out in a more dramatic fashion with Noah Kalina’s photo-a-day video or even with Hugo Cornellier, inspired by Kalina, who captured four years in a one-minute video. But Danielle’s “transformation” is seamless.

We recommend watching this one from beginning to end. The visual is worth the wait.

Photo via Anthony Cerniello/Vimeo

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