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‘I come home, I want to die’: Employee wonders how those who work 9 to 5 jobs have hobbies, sparking debate

‘It’s not a happy life but it pays rent.’


Melody Heald


A worker went viral on TikTok for asking an interesting question: How do people who work typical 9am-to-5pm jobs have hobbies?

TikTok user @whyyyjake asks the existential question while laying in bed. “How do people who work 9 to 5 have hobbies?” he asks his followers. He then shares what he does after he comes home from his workday.

“I come home, I want to die. That’s it,” he concludes.


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The video has garnered 2.2 million since it was posted on Oct. 22, with viewers agreeing with the creator while sharing some of their hobbies.

“My hobbies include …having dinner and going to bed early. i excel at both,” one said.

“We all died during the 9-5. the only hobby is to sleep,” a second stated.

“9 to 7 no hobbies, no social life, no nothing! Just stress,” another stated.

“I work, come home, scroll thru TikTok hours on end to cleanse my minds [palette] for the day,” one user commented.

However, there were a few who claimed to have hobbies outside of sleep.

“I literally force sign myself up for classes – pottery, yoga etc and then the stress that gets me to work propels me to go to the hobby,” one shared.

“My hobbies are tv and books. Any other activities that require more energy are done on days off if I feel like it,” a second stated.

“8-5pm working then 7-1am college.. then I die and repeat life again at 6am … it’s not a happy life but it pays rent,” a third wrote.

Some even asked other important questions on time management.

“How do people have 2 jobs and still manage to do everything,” one person questioned.

“Also, how do they have kids and like feed them and stuff?” a second wrote.

According to Zippa, 82% of people don’t have a system of management and only 18% of people have a time management schedule. What’s more, 51% of people spend their days doing miscellaneous tasks. Typically, the average worker is expected to work five days a week, eight-hour shifts, and puts in a minimum of 35 hours a week, according to TimeCamp. However, the most popular schedule is working four days a week, 10-hour shifts.

The Daily Dot reached out to @whyyyjake for comment via TikTok comment.

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