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‘Like I’m not eating a Lunchable’: Worker’s video about 30-minute lunch breaks sparks debate

‘It took 10 min to get a snack and walk to the break room.’


Braden Bjella


In the United States, there is no federal law mandating that employers give breaks for lunch. While some states enforce their own meal break requirements, employers are frequently free to determine the length and time that an employee is allowed to break for lunch.

Often, this lunch break is limited to just 30 minutes. Now, a TikToker is making the case that, in a country where few cities are walkable, 30 minutes just isn’t enough time to settle into a meal.


“You’re really a childish-ass company if you’re only giving your employees a 30-minute lunch break,” TikTok user Deionte (@deiontemoore) says. “Bitch, I am grown. What the fuck am I going to do with that fucking recess?”

The video currently has over 263,000 views.

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In the comments section, many users agreed with Deionte’s sentiment.

“Especially if I’m using 10-15 of those minutes leaving campus for food,” a user noted.

“Especially working at the mall and trying to get food at the mall will damn near take your whole 30 minute break,” another offered.

Some proposed solutions to the issue while still keeping a 30-minute break.

“I always tell my employees to order their food and wait for it to get here before they clock out so they’re not waiting 30 just for the food,” a commenter stated.

Still, notions like this did little to sate the commenters who wanted more lunch.

“Nah I work 10 hours and get a 30!??! A WHOLE 30 MINS,” a user responded.

Further users claimed they had even less time to enjoy their midday meal.

“I got a 15 min lunch break working almost 8 hours,” a commenter claimed.

“I don’t even get lunch breaks…….. not even on my 15 hr shift,” a second alleged.

“I worked at dollar tree and our breaks were 10 min,” an additional TikToker contended. “It took 10 min to get a snack and walk to the break room.”

The average American lunch break length is largely in line with the rest of the world, according to a 2019 study by Intuit. However, many of the countries mentioned in the study, such as Sweden, Germany, France, and Spain, also benefit from having walkable cities and more flexible and sick day vacation offerings that could make the shorter lunch sting less.

But as far as TikTokers are concerned, whatever length the U.S. has now, it isn’t long enough.

As one user wrote, “Like I’m not eating a lunchable…I need FOOD.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Deionte via Instagram direct message.

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