Teen livestreams 3-year-old nephew smoking weed

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He has since been arrested.

While videos of dudes puffing on blunts is nothing new for Facebook, an Arizona teen is in serious trouble for something much more disturbing: streaming video of his 3-year-old nephew smoking a joint. 

According to North Little Rock Police Department reports, a cop who was trolling Facebook for burglary suspects came across the footage on the Facebook page of Lamel Yancy, aka “Man Man.” The video was shot in the back of a car, with Yancy lighting a joint and handing it to his nephew. After the small boy puffs away, Yancy says, “Hit the blunt one more time.” The boy acknowledges he’s smoking weed and Yancy tells him that he’s “high.” 

At the end of the video, his mother reportedly enters the car and “objects,” according to the police reports.  

A few days after the incident, Department of Human Services took the boy from the home he shares with his mother, Yancy, and others, and brought him to a hospital for a follicle analysis. Yancy was arrested on Monday on felony endangerment charges.

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