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‘This is why I don’t leave the machine until the purchase is 100% complete’: Person gets charged $280 at vending machine

‘Note to self DO NOT put a card in the drink machine.’


Braden Bjella


A user on TikTok has gone viral after alleging to show a vending machine charging someone $280.

In a video with over 274,000 views, TikToker Rachel (@rachel_b9_) shows a vending machine processing a credit card order. Upon further examination of the screen, viewers can see that the machine has charged the customer $280.

“Note to self DO NOT put a card in the drink machine,” writes Rachel in the caption.


Note to self DO NOT put a card in the drink machine 😅!

♬ Funny Laugh no no no – Sound Effect

In the comments section, Rachel confirms she was not the customer and that the person in question received a refund. 

As for how this could have actually happened, TikTokers have theories.

“If you don’t hit ‘End of Order’ it can be used multiple times,” claimed a commenter. “learned that the hard way at the Mall once.”

“You have to push cancel after you buy something or else it’ll stay on for awhile,” agreed another.

“Imagine he walked away and the machine asked if you want more, so the next several people just kept ordering,” speculated a third.

Apparently, several users on TikTok have encountered this very issue.

“I think I did a card once and almost got a whole 12 pack of Dr Pepper,” claimed one user.

“Happened to me at the zoo,” recounted a second. “vending machine charged me 600.00 for a disposable camera.”

“I tried it at the hospital at the er and it charged me twice never gave me a water,” remembered a further TikToker. “tried disputing and nothing.”

This is why some users suggest repeatedly hitting ‘cancel’ once the order is done, only using cash, or simply not using the machines at all.

“Stuff like this is why I hit the cancel button a few times after I get my money, receipt and card back from the ATM. Paranoid like a mofo,” stated a commenter.

“this is why we use cash,” explained an additional TikToker.

Rachel is among those who have stopped using the machines.

“I’ve used [my card] before but after this happened, no more,” she detailed. “I’ll get mine at the station before work.”

We’ve reached out to Rachel via TikTok comment.

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