Zore is a smart gun lock that warns you when someone moves your firearm

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Photo via Zore

What if you could unlock your gun with a Bluetooth connection? With Zore that possibility becomes a reality.

Keeping your guns safe is part of responsible gun ownership. It’s easy for children to find guns around the house, no matter how well hidden, and if someone should break in while you’re not home a lock can make it harder for that criminal to use your gun in the future. Still, if you’re the owner of a gun you should be able to get your lock off quickly if you need to. Manufacturer Zore thinks they might have a smart solution to this problem, and Indiegogo investors have agreed to the tune of nearly $250,000.

The Zore X smart gun lock features a combination manual and Bluetooth lock. Users can unlock the device from their smartphone or via a combination lock on the side if your phone isn’t available. In addition, the lock’s app can track where the gun is in your home at all times, so if someone (say a child) moves it you’ll be able to quickly retrieve it from them. You will receive these alerts even if you’re outside the home.  For many gun owners, this peace of mind will be worth the cost of the device. Locking the device requires pressing a physical lock button on the Zore.

The combination mechanism is based on a special turn based system that doesn’t require you to start at a certain point on the lock to open it. To open the lock you simply need to turn it right and left a certain number of clicks. This allows for the lock to be opened even in the dark without having to see a combination.

The Zore is available to purchase here. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your gun locks you should give them a moment of consideration. You can see their action movie lite promo video below.

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